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Titles Weaver of Prophecy[1a]
Domains Death[1b]
Affiliation Order
Followers Crone Heralds[1a]

Morai-Heg is the Weaver of Prophecy and Aelven Crone-Goddess of Death and Fate. Throughout the ages, many orders of Aelven seers have served her.[1a][1b] Unlike many other deities of the Mortal Realms, the crone-goddess has never appeared before her followers.[1b]


In the Age of Myth there were many seer-troupes dedicated to the Weaver of Prophecy and the order to which they belonged was respected and welcomed among the sects of the Daughters of Khaine. The order was destroyed over the course of a decade on orders of Morathi, who claimed the order was blasphemers and enemies of the Daughters of Khaine. In reality, she feared their prophetic gifts might unravel her plans.[1b]

The Crone Heralds, dissidents among the Daughters of Khaine in the Age of Sigmar, venerate both Morai-Heg and Khaine, whilst decrying Morathi as a false goddess. The Scáthborn have been sent to destroy these so-called heretics, but so far the Crone Heralds have evaded their would-be executioners.[1a] Recent rumours suggest that the Crone Heralds have spread their accusations among the Khailebron, Morathi has sent her Scathborn to investigate.[1c]

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