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Titles Father of Serpents[2a]
Domains Snakes
Type Godbeast
Status Deceased
Relatives Nagwroth(Child)[4a]
Affiliation Invidian Pantheon[5c]

Nagendra is a Great Wyrm and the Father of Serpents.[2a] He was a shape-shifting realm-serpent before being slain, though it is uncertain who slew the Great Wyrm. Some say it was God-King Sigmar and others claim it was Ignax, the Solar Drake[7a][6a]


Age of Myth

At the start of the Age of Myth, he fought Ignax for control of the Realm of Aqshy's heartlands. This duel was so devastating that the eastern islands of the Great Parch were heavily damaged and broken by their fight. When Ignax shredded his flanks, the flesh that fell off took the form of the serpents of the south. Ignax defeated Nagendra, but the conflict left her exhausted and weak enough to be captured and shackled to the Land of the Chained Sun.[2a]

At some point Nagendra had a child named Nagwroth who would go on to destroy the magmahold of the Drakendreng first-forged lodge.[4a]

Some say he was slain by Sigmar later during the Age of Myth. It is rumored that the Writhing Serpent is the spirit of Nagendra.[3]

Age of Chaos

The cult known as the Splintered Fang is descended from the tribes of Invidia that once worshiped Nagendra, the entities known as the Coiling Ones act as the cult's patrons and claim to be children of Nagendra.[5b][5c]

The Splintered Fang claims that he was slain by Ignax, and his flesh fell away to create the snakes of the realms.[5a] They seek the ancient temple to the Great Wyrm, Nagendra’s Gullet which lies within the Skullpike Mountains in the Bloodwind Spoil. [6a]


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