Glareface Frazzlegit

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Glareface Frazzlegit
Domains Sun[3]
Status Unknown

Glareface Frazzlegit, or simply Frazzlegit, is a god despised by the Moonclan Grots of the Gloomspite Gitz commonly depicted as a cruel star or a searing ball of sentient light.[1a][3]

Religious Beliefs

To the grots of the Moonclans and troggoths the stars and suns of the Realms oppose the fungus-thick dampness and shadowiness that they feel is the natural order. Thus the Moonclans hide in underground lurklairs, to avoid the light of these celestial objects and the god they believe represents them, Glareface Frazzlegit. When there's an unnatural eclipse caused by the Bad Moon, the Gloomspite feel emboldened and energised by it, as they believe they are freed from the solar bogeyman's cruel gaze, entire nations are destroyed in the subsequent rampages.[1b][1c]

Scaremongers use a Glareface Mask by capering and hooting to terrorise Moonclan Grots into fighting with renewed vigour.[2][3]

Some Moonclan shamans even conflate Sigmar with this entity and attack any who appear to worship him.[1c]

Loonboss Claggit hates fire and believes that the infernos on the surface are Glareface's breath. He has convinced his followers that the best way to win the Bad Moon's favour is to extinguish every source of flame.[1d]

According to the Moonclan, the grots of the Gitmob worship Frazzlegit.[4]


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