Kodzodon (Godbeast)

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Type Godbeast
Status Deceased
Home Realm of Ghur[1a]

Kodzodon was a massive Godbeast that roamed the Realm of Ghur during the Age of Myth.[1a]


Age of Myth

The titanic Godbeast was slain early in the Age of Myth, when civilization was still young, by a hunter who was said to be on the verge of godhood known as Kresh'ta. For twenty days they battled in the Ghurish Hinterlands, until at last the beast was slain by the hunter. One of it's tusks was taken by the hunter as a trophy, it would come to be the potent relic known as the Hunt Horn of Kresh'ta.[1a]

Generations later it was discovered that when someone whose heart yearned to return home blew into the horn, that it both emits a dirge and creates a great maw in the earth. When brave hunter leapt into the maw and found it led to the skeletal remains of Kodzodon, untouched by the predators of Ghur.[1a]

With great reverence the hunter and their people migrated to the area, the settlement they founded eventually coming to bear the Godbeast's name.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

By the Age of Sigmar the settlement built in the Godbeast's remains, also known as Kodzodon has grown to be a massive tribal city in the region of Ghur known as the Great Coil.[1a]

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