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Titles Soulseeker
Type Underworld Deity
Status Scattered into Shards

Lauchon the Soulseeker an ancient god of death who was worshiped by the first mortal civilizations of Shyish. He was destroyed by Nagash long ago, though fragments and shards of him still remain. The Soulseeker is deeply tied to the Amethyst Magic of Shyish and knows the location of every spirit in the Mortal Realms.[1a]


Age of Myth

The deity known as Lauchon the Soulseeker was worshipped by the first mortal civilizations of Shyish, until some point in the distant past when he was destroyed by Nagash.[1a]

Shards of the god still linger, for he is deeply tied to the Amethyst Magic of Shyish, and have become Endless Spells, sapient and predatory forces of magic that seek prey. Sigmar hunted down these shards and other predatory forces of magic and locked them away in his Stormvaults.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

One of the Shards of Lauchon the Soulseeker was sealed beneath Lethis, the Raven City, within the Midnight Tomb. This shard and others like it are released from the Stormvaults as the warring factions of the Mortal Realms ransack the ancient vaults in search of the artefacts within.[1a]


The Soulseeker, and his shards, knows where every soul within the mortal Realms can be found and for a hefty toll, a soul for a soul, can guide a spellcaster to their location.[1a]


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