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With Behemat slain the mantle of World Titan lays empty. But the Cosmos abhor a vacuum.

The Zodiacal Godbeasts, or Zodiacal Pantheon, are primal manifestations of the Mortal Realms. They are truly titanic in proportion and form, some are living stars or constellations, and each seems to serve as part of the zodiacal order of the Cosmos Arcane.[1][2a]


Since ancient days the peoples of the Realm of Azyr have looked to the stars, marvelling at their beauty and order. The forms of many Zodiacal Godbeasts, especially Dracothion, are visible as constellations to those who observe the stars and heavens, though prophets, astromancers, and those blessed with witch-sight discerned even more gazing upon the stars. In time many myths surrounding the Zodiacal Godbeasts, and how they came to the Heavens, arose.[5a]

Death of a Zodiacal Godbeast

The death of a Zodical Godbeast can have realm-shaking effects on the Cosmos Arcane. The death of Behemat has led to his children growing in size, some believe they will continue to do so until one ascends and becomes a new World Titan to restore the balance; the death cry of Lode-Griffon tore a rift into reality above Griffon's Eyrie, allowing daemons to pour from the Realm of Chaos,[2a][3a]

Known Zodiacal Godbeasts


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