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Type Godbeast
Status Deceased

The Lode-Griffon was a fortress-sized griffon godbeast whose magical weight changed the Spiral Crux and was slain by Tzeentchian trickery.[1]


This godbeast once inhabited the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok before being expelled by the Godbeast Argentine. Attracted by the unearthed Chamonite in the Spiral Crux the creature makes its nest in the Griffon's Eyrie. This distorts the straight lands created by Grungni with its magical magnetism, turning them into a spiral around the central island and releases vast amounts of Chamonite to Chamonic stratosphere from broken pipelines and bridges.[1]

Not only is the Lode-Griffon responsible for destroying the Cruxian Duardin dreams of a perfectly balanced society, it's magnetic blood also caused many of their tool to become haywire. They gather their wealth and put a bounty on the godbeast's skull hoping to inflict Adaz Kronn, death by a thousand axes, but ultimately fail due to it being impervious to mortal weapons. The beast awakes, killing any assailants and tribes for several leagues before returning to its nest.[1]

Several nations of the Spiral Crux, the Azgal, the Sigyorn, Patina, Prosperis and Viscid Flux, gather a great conclave of aethermancers to slay the godbeast. The nine magical representatives form a nonagonic ritual star around the godbeast and cast a powerful transmutation spell on the godbeasts. The spell turns the godbeast into gold, ending its magnetic curse, but it goes haywire as eight of the casters are sealed in an avalanche of molten chamonite and the ninth one is revealed to be the Watcher King, a Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch.[1]

The devices of duardin are restored to normal function but the godbeast's death scream tears a hole in the skies and summons innumerable legions of flying daemonic horrors to assault the Spiral Crux.[1]


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