Scions of the Flame

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The Scions of the Flame are warrior-priests and zealots who worship the Ever-Raging Flame with the centre of their worship in the Realm of Aqshy .[1a]


The Ever-Raging Flame is a malevolent embodiment of the Realm of Fire. They seek to pledge themselves to Archaon who they believe will bring a fiery apocalypse to theMortal Realms.[1a]

The members of the cult hunt, kill and devour hearts of flame creatures such as magmavores and ash salamanders and may be transformed into living torches or incinerated from the inside out. [1a]

Aqshian Realmstone is thought to be part of the living essence of the Ever-Raging Flame.[1b]


They have created many bronze fortress temples in their homeland of the Bright Mountains of northern Aspiria within which they gather realmstone, the lifeblood of their god. [1b]


Blazing Lord

Brazen Champion



Inferno Priest





The flame within.[1a]


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