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Deity Ignax.png
Titles Solar Drake
Type Godbeast
Status Active
Home Land of the Chained Sun(former prison)[1e]
Relatives Vulcatrixs(Mother)[1d]
Affiliation unaliagned, formerly Chaos(Temporarily Enslaved)[1g]

Ignax, also known as the Solar Drake, is a Zodiac Godbeast and the daughter of Vulcatrix.[1d]

At the beginning of the Realmgate Wars, Ignax was a orange-yellow giant located above the Ashlands bound to the Land of the Chained Sun to act as the eternal sun of the Flameworlds.[1a]


Duel of the Great Wyrms

Ignax fights Nagendra the father of Serpents for control over the heartlands of the Realm, although victorious she is exhausted by the battle.[2a]

Binding Ignax

The ancestors of Fyreslayers that inhabit the Land of the Chained Sun made a bargain with Grungni to forge god-chains, called the Great Tethers to bind Ignax.[1a][1f]

Exhausted by her victory over Nagendra, Grimnir captures and shackles Ignax, so that his people always have light and fire as the sun of the Flameworlds.[2a]

She is bound to the land with the Great Tethers through lava-fueled steam winches, ensuring that night would never arrive. Rumors says that if it did the fires of Aqshy itself would be extinguished.[1a][1f]

Wars of the Flameworlds

Archaon had learned from Kiathanus that the sun of the Flameworlds was actually Ignax, but even his Gaunt Summoners were unable to reach the landmass. Any portals created, had their destinations altered by ancient Duardin shield-runes and were just as likely to land on safe ground as they were to open on the searing heat of Ignax.[1e]

One of Archaon's and Nurgle's plan to take over the Godbeast was to send Bloab Rotspawned to spread the Plague of Atrophy throughout the Ashlands, as the mortal spirit that powered Ignax would be diminished, leaving Ignax cowed enough for Archaon to enslave her. As the curse spread throughout mortals of the Ashlands the solar orb started to dim.[1b]

But neither Valkia or Khorne approved of this plan and sent Skarbrand to stop it. Then Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn manipulated the war and tricked Skarbrand into powering the Crystal Henge with his rage sending it in waves that spread throughout the Flameworlds. These waves of rage spread throughout the mortals and caused the fires of Ignax to burn with sky-searing intensity.[1c]

After Skarbrand was tricked, Archaon's plan hung by a thread. Powered by Skarbrand's fury Ignax had flared brighter than ever, raw fire-magic blazed from her flanks and forcing everyone under her gaze to flee deep into the earth or be incinerated by her flames. Only when Skarbrand's fury was exhausted, did the Godbeast also became spent and Archaon judged it the right time to enslave her.[1e]

Dorryc Claimblade, Auric Runesmiter of one of the Fyreslayer Lodges of the Ashlands attacked by the Varanguard used a secret portal in the Lodestone Peak to reach the Land of the Chained Sun. He created Auriakh and the blasphemous Runes of Unbinding, stamping there on two of the chains to help release Ignax from her chains. When Ignax wrested against her bindings powered by Skarbrand's rage and snapped two of her chains, which fell and connected the Lands of the Chained Sun to the Scarred Isle allowing the Varanguard and their Master to invade.[1e]

As the invasion continued the Fyreslayer began to realise that the war was lost, even with the support of Chamber Extremis. So the Fyreslayers coaxed 36 magmadroths from their lairs and used them to establish a base on the winchs that still held Ignax fast and pulled her closer so that her fires could purge the invaders of their lands while the Fyreslayers escaped deep into the land, hiding behind ancient protective runes that made them immune to the flames.[1f][1g]

The Volgrov brothers climbed the chains on the back of Magmadroths, which were immune to her flames, the riders were not and they burned away into charred skeletons. Only Volgrov Borrson on the back of Garrakha, protected by the rune Auriakh, did reach Ignax hide and hammered the rune in, before being immediately consumed by the Godbeast's flames as the invaders of the Land of the Chained Sun were purged by Ignax's flames.[1f][1g]

Archaon about to enslave a weakened Ignax with the Slayer of Kings.

The only survivor on the surface was Archaon riding Dorghar, protected by his wards. With her wrath spent Archaon flew into the Godbeast island-sized skull and drove the Slayer of Kings into it, allowing the daemon inside to claw at Ignax's mind driving her almost insane. As she writhed in agony the Great Tethers were torn from the ground as her flames had brought so close to the land, it weakened and shattered the crust of the island that held her. Ignax flew into the cosmic sprawl of Aqshy, chains trailing behind her and Archaon riding triumphant in her wake, assured of her enslavement, unaware of the duardin rune in her flank.[1g]

Battle for the Brimfire Gate

Archaon, now firmly in control of the godbeast, ordered the exhausted Ignax to rest and regenerate near the fortress protecting the Brimfire Gate in Aqshy. There he laid dormant, basking in the heat of the lava surrounding the fortification.[3a] Ignax only rose again when an assault by the combined forces of the Stormcast Eternals and their Fyreslayer allies lead by Vandus Hammerhand attacked the Chaos forces protecting the Brimfire Gate. Still under the influence of the spell woven by the Gaunt Summoners, Ignax raised his head to repeal the invaders, but before the Godbeast could attack the forces of Order, the Runesmiter Dorryc Claimblade activated the rune that had been hammered into Ignax side. After a short struggle, Ignax obeyed her new master and incinerated the warriors of Chaos before him.[3b]

Ignax's aid allowed Vandus Hammerhand's forces to break through the last barricades, but the effort necessary to control the great beast caused Dorryc to rapidly age. In just a short time, the runesmiter turned from a strong duardin in his prime into an ancient being, bowed by age. Not long after, the power of the rune faded and with both the rune and the curse of the Gaunt Summoners gone, Ignax was truly free. Having had enough of the machinations of the gods and mortals alike, the Godbeast simply left, hiding from the world deep beneath the Infernus Mountains.[3c]


She is described as a dragon so vast she coiled around the sun.[2a]


Not much is known of her followers or if there's any religion or cult that worships her, but the people of the Ashlands praise her fire.[1b]

The duardin that freed her wishes to see her burn bright once more.[2a]


The Godbeast as she was bound to Land of the Chained Sun grew stronger with the fire of the mortal spirits that inhabited the Flameworlds, fuelling the inferno with her noble breast. This also leaves her vulnerable as her fires grew dimmer when the mortals where inflicted by the Plague of Atrophy or empowered when the same mortals were touched by Skarbrand's amplified rage.[1b][1c]

As the offspring of Vulcatrix, her presence grants monsters of the Ashlands the ability to breath fire. Due to their shared fiery lineage the Magmadroths raised and reared beneath her flames have a stronger breaths, fyrestreams that can bath entire regiments in roaring waves of molten flames.[1d][1h]

Those caught on the Solar Drake's glare will face a fiery death if judged unworthy.[1d]

She can beat her incandescent pinions to make a Ash Storm and her flames cause rock, stone, wood and trees to burst into flame and wreath anybody near them in the fires of Ignax.[1d]

Anybody who gazed upon her bound form was rendered blind.[1a]

Ignax oppressive solar energies are the reason why the Ashlands are tortured, barren plains.[1d]


The Eye of Ignax is a gem artefact named after her that blesses the user's melee weapon to make more damage, especially to Sylvaneth.[1d]

The Fyreslayers of the Chained Isle have developed enchantments that capture the solar power of the bound Ignax within their Fyresteel blades, which ignite with the godbeast's fiery wrath as they are hurled through the air.[1h]


She was the sun and it was we duardin that did the saving, not just Sigmar's storm-whelps. Without the Rune of binding , Archaon the Thrice-Damned would have had her turn us all to ash. I was there, you prancing fool. I was there, I broke her chains, and I will see her burn bright once more.

~ unnamed Fyreslayer to Japeth the minstrel raconteur.[2a]


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