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Titles Maw of Sotek[1a]
Realm Serpent[1a]
Type Godbeast[1a]
Star Titan[1a]
Status Unknown

Ohlicoatl the Realm Serpent, also known as the Ohlicoatl Realmbridge during the time he was trapped between Ghyran and Ghur, is one of the Star Titans of Azyr, a collection of Godbeasts who reform in the Heavens should they die rather than experiencing true death.[1a]


Ohlicoatl was a truly titanic serpent, such that during its time trapped between the Mortal Realms its back sustained a vibrant ecosystem of Ghurish creatures.[1a]


Age of Chaos

At some point during this era Ohlicoatl fell from Azyr to Ghyran. There he found a glade in the Nevergreen Mountains where the veil between Realms was thin. There the Realm Serpent attempted to bore back into Azyr.[1a]

Though by that point Sigmar had barred the way into Azyr leaving the Realm Serpent trapped between Realms. Unable to reach Azyr, Ohlicoatl found himself drawn toward the Jungles of Olor in Ghur. Thus he became trapped as Realmgate, though acting more as a bridge than a portal, between the Jungles of Olor and the Nevergreen Mountains.[1a]

Though it should have died at some point during its imprisonment, it was sustained by the energies of Ghur leaving it unable to die. Over time its back was populated by all manner of creatures native to the Realm of Beasts.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Centuries later Stormcast Eternals of the Oathforged chamber of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost would build a Stormkeep known as the Mortis Rock around the head of Ohlicoatl in Ghur, swearing the Everlasting Oath with Seraphon of the Fangs of Sotek. Through this oath, the Stormcasts agreed to defend the realm bridge, for it was neither in their power nor that of Zectoka's, the leader of the Fangs of Sotek, to free Ohlicoatl.[1a]

Eventually, the Realm Serpent would be freed from his imprisonment when Skaven led by Thanquol assaulted the Stormkeep, in an attempt to both reach the Silver Tower of the Tyrant of Eyes as it had been appeared in the Stormkeep at the time and kill Ohlicoatl. It is unknown if it was the machinations of the Skaven or Gotrek Gurnisson, who had engaged in a fight with the serpent after travelling along its back, or some combination of the two that ended up slaying the titan.[1a]


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