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Brokkfoor, the Father of Forges is an entity worshipped by the Zharrgrim priesthood of the Fyreslayer Lodges.[1a]


It is believed that this entity is the spark from which the eternal fires that fuel the forges of all Magmaholds first came from. Though every Lodge has differing interpretations as to what the entity actually is.[1a]

Denominational Interpretations

All of the myriad Fyreslayer Lodges agree that it is Brokkfoor who first gifted eternal flame to the followers of Grimnir, but no two Lodges agree on who this entity was. The following list covers the known interpretations of Brakkfoor[1a]:

  • The Zharrgrim of Greyfyrd Lodge believe that Brokkfoor is in fact Grungni, who also holds the title Father of Forges.[1a]
  • In the creed taught by the Zharrgrim of the Hermdar Lodge, Brokkfoor is represented as an animate flame and it is preached that it was the messenger that carried Grimnir's dying breath to the Fyreslayers Forge-Temples, as well as the living embodiment of the Zharrkhul.[1a]
  • The creed taught by the Zharrgrim of the Lofnir Lodge is similar to the Hermdar large, but they believe that Brokkfoor was a child of Vulcatrix, guided by animal instinct rather than a living flame given divine providence.[1a]
  • In the creed taught by the Zharrgrim of Tangrim Lodge, Brokkfoor is a location rather than a living entity. They believe that it refers to the location where Grimnir forged his weapons and they search the Realm of Azyr in hopes of finding it, intending to spark a second Zharrkhul and to create weapons fit for the hands of gods.[1a]
  • The Zharrgrim of the Vostarg Lodge vehemently oppose the interpretation put forth by the Greyfyrd. They say that Brokkfoor is just one of the many incarnations of Grimnir. In their belief it is Grimnir alone who gave eternal flame to his followers.[1a]