Great Gatherer

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Great Gatherer
Domains Cut-Throats[1a]
Type Daemon-God[2]
Affiliation Chaos
Followers Corvus Cabal[1a]

The Great Gatherer is an Daemon-God worshiped by the Corvus Cabal, who hail from the Carrion Reach in the Realm of Ulgu. The Corvus Cabal believe that Archaon is an avatar of the Gatherer and they believe that Archaon's endless wars and conquests will sate their god's bottomless avarice. The avaricious nature of the Great Gatherer plays a major role in the rituals and religious practices of it's followers.[1a][1b][2]


The Gatherer is usually depicted as an immense prey-bird with black plummage, perched atop a nest of bleached bones and stolen treasure.[1a]


The Corvus Cabal are murderers and assassins who require their members to offer up trophies taken from their prey to the Great Gatherer, those that fail to present a fitting trophy are tossed from the peaks of the Carrion Reach. These offerings often take the form of valuables stripped from the corpses of their victims.[1a][1b]

Rather than building monoliths in honor of their the Great Gatherer, the tribes and warbands of the Corvus Cabal in the Eightpoints impale butchered corpses on the branches of trees and the spires of buildings. Offerings of loot meant for the Great Gatherer are left with these corpses.[1b]


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