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Gurkak Weirdteef is the Wurrgog Prophet that leads the Bonegrinz warclan.[1a]


As a Wurrgog Prophet, Gurkak naturally has a mask, all the best bones, and various strange trappings.[1a]


Gurkak had always found that his teeth talked to him, telling him the secrets of whatever he was eating, and he has continued to use this to find the best beast-spirits to trap in the bones he carries with him. Gorkamorka sends Gurkak messages and prophecies in all manner of ways, guiding Gurkak to a the great beasts he wants to hunt.[1b]

He is also a powerful magic-user, even capable of overwhelming the magical defences of a Slann Starmaster when the Waaagh! energy is flowing freely.[1b]


Gurkak believes that if he collects a large enough number of Gorkteef spears - or more specifically, the great shards of bone, ice, stone, obsidian, or other materials that are their points - he will literally have collected all of Gork's teeth and he will then be able to eat the World Spirit of Ghur. To this end, he instructs his his boyz to sport the lucky colour blue, since he believes this will help them find and kill the strongest beasts to harvest their spirits for their Gorkteef.[1a]


Gurkak eventually realized that the messages from his teeth were different depending on the meals he ate, and that he could seize a beast's magic by taking their bones. He soon left his original clan and became a Bonepslitter. The aspiring prophet quickly gathered a large following, and his warclan steadily grew into the horde it is today.[1b]

Since becoming a proper prophet with a proper warclan, Gurkak has fought across the realms and has faced all manner of monsters and armies. He finds the Seraphon particularly fascinating; he faced them at the Dragon's Gullet and many times before and since. The difficulty of capturing bones from the beasts of the starborne has led him to attempt to find out just where they come from - perhaps then they won't be able to disappear when he kills them.[1b]

The Lord of Khorne Baudrax once attempted to kill Gurkak in revenge for the Bonegrinz' poaching of beasts pledged to Khorne, but the Maniak Weirdnob Urglthrak succeeded in driving him away.[1c]

Once, Gurkak spied the Extremis Chamber of Lord-Celestant Imperius travelling across the sky above the Clawspine Expanse in Ghur and induced the Stormcast Eternals to descend to battle by triggering a volcanic eruption. While the Bonegrinz did not get the Stardrake and Dracoth bones they sought, they did succeed in slaying much of the Chamber, including the Drakesworn Templar Heuroth and his stardrake Zarrak. Imperius himself was forced to quit the battlefield lest he too be killed and his mission failed.[1d]


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