Gurkak Weirdteef

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Gurkak Weirdteef is the Wurrgog Prophet that leads the Bonegrinz warclan.[1]

There was always something strange about Gurkak's teef. Whenever the shaman bit into something, his chompers spoke to him, whispering the spirit-secrets held within meat and bone. After a while, he figured out that some meals had more to say than others, and that if he took a beast's bones, its magic could be his. Abandoning his clan, Gurkak became a Bonesplitter, and it wasn't long before he had a following of equally deranged boys hanging off his every word, helping him hunt down the really big monsters he wanted to sink his fangs into.[1]

So began Gurkak's great hunt, a rampage across the Mortal Realms that has seen creatures both great and small added to his tally of bone-caged spirits. Every day, Gurkak talks to Gorkamorka, and every day, the Great Green God guides him to where monsters and bestial armies gather. With each savage victory, his Bonesplitter warclan grows larger, as does its bounty of slain beasts.[1]


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