Gurzag Ironskull

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Ironskull's Boyz warband with Gurzag's visage looming behind his warriors.

Gurzag Ironskull is the Orruk leader of the Ironskull's Boyz warband in the Mirrored City. He was stuck in the Shadespire after a looting spreed amongst the ruins. Initially after being stuck there he was furious, but he has come to appreciate the fact that while trapped he has never run out of things to smash and no self-respecting orruk would decline an endless cycle of violence and bloodshed.[1]


After an ill-fated looting spree, Gurzag and the rest of his Ironskull's Boyz warband have become trapped in Shadespire. Since then they have grown fond of the endless violence that the city provides.[4]


Like the rest of the warband, Gurzag is either hard or belligerent enough to keep fighting, hollering and cheering despite suffering grievous wounds.[3a]

Gurzag is also know for deliver ferocious 'Eadbuts.[3a][3b]


Gurzag is armed with a pair of Orruk‑forged Boss Choppas.[2a][3a][3b]


Ain't none of you gits 'ard enough to face me?

~ Gurzag Ironskull.[2a]

Right den. More for me!

~ Gurzag Ironskull.[2b]



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