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Zogruk Facecracker is a Bonegrinz Savage Big Boss and Gorka-boss and the leader of one of the warclan's Brutal Rukks. He is one of the largest orruks in the Bonegrinz.[1]


Even before he became a Bonesplitter, Zogruk was known as a monster hunter capable of wrestling even massive beasts to the ground. He wandered away from his original warclan after headbutting a seraphon seer and being driven mad when it vanished in a flash of light, sending some of its magic into his skull.[1]

The Wurrgog Prophet leading the Bonegrinz, Gurkak Weirdteef, saw Zogruk's potential and put him in command of a Brutal Rukk. While Zogruk has on occasion thought that he might be a better leader of the warclan than Gurkak, he is unwilling to go against Gorkamorka's orders - relayed to him by Gurkak, of course - to concentrate on fighting other enemies and hunting monsters.[1]

When the Bonegrinz ambushed an Extremis Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar in the Clawspine Expanse of Ghur, Zogruk and his Rukk drove deep into the Stormcast lines and Zogruk personally slew the Stardrake Zarrak, mount of Drakesworn Templar Heoth.{[1]


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