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Zogruk always liked killing monsters - the bigger the better. His boys were always in awe of how he would grab some massive beast by the throat and then open up its skull with his chompa, or maybe just cave in its face with a well-placed punch. One day, when his warclan was fighting a mob of star lizards, Zogruk headbutted a strange reptilian seer. Though the thing promptly vanished in a flash of light, the orruk felt some its magic seep into his head and, as a result, went quite mad. Leaving his boys behind, he staggered off until he ran into some Bonesplitterz.[1]

Since joining the Bonegrinz warclan, Zogruk has led Gurkak's Gorka boys. Part of Zogruk sometimes thinks he should try and take over the Bonegrinz. He is, after all, one of the biggest orruks in the tribe. He has even on occasion thought that, if he could crack open Gurkak's skull, he might be able to scoop out some of the prophet's magic. However, Gurkak keeps telling him that Gorkamorka wants him to fight more enemies, and as much as Zorgruk might be inclined to argue with Gurkak and his orders, there is no arguing with Gorkamorka.[1]


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