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A Murknob unleashes the power of a Belcha-Bunna

Murknobs are veteran Orruks and bruisers of the Kruleboyz that have won the honour of carrying vile icons and standards into battle.[1a]


To become a Murknob an Orruk must offer a collection of heads which would inevitably include the totem's previous bearer to the Shamans. Being kunnin' Kruleboyz they would use unfair means such as slicing the head of a victim killed by another Orruk. However, the high competition to the position mean successful Murknobs have the strength to backup their claims while others meet the same fate of their predecessors.[1a]


The Murknob is responsible for carrying the totems of the Kruleboyz into battle and are given several perks such as having the first choice of loot after the Killaboss during a raid. The Belcha-Bunnas carried by the Murknobs emits an eye-watering stink which can be magnified by the spells of the Shamans and may periodically release fume-clouds that can whither flesh and bone to slurry in seconds. When under the power of the Waaagh! the dead creature's spirit bound to the mouth of the banner unleashes roars of supernatural power that can dispel arcane emanations that threaten the Kruleboyz and even predatory Endless Spells are repelled by its power. Kruleboyz believe the roar scares away spells and consider it the roar of Kragnos himself and are emboldened by its sound while enemies are demoralized. [1a][2a]


Murknobs carry the Belcha-Bunnas which are vile totems created by Swampcalla Shamans. It appears as a giant fanged mouth on a pole modeled to echo the visage of Kragnos. Upon the teeth of the "mouth" a tongue taken from a massive monster such as a toad wyvern, quagmire gargant, mire drakes, or other similar monster is impaled.[2a][2b]

They are also armed with a Murknob Cleaver. [2b]



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