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Bloodtoof Gore-gruntas charging Seraphon.

The Bloodtoofs are an Ironjawz warclan. They are known for charging recklessly through whatever realmgates they come across.[1a]


The founder and leader of the Bloodtoofs is the Megaboss Zogbak Realmrippa. He assumes that since the Bloodtoofs are the best warclan, Gordrakk and his Great Waaagh! must be waiting for them to catch up so things can really get started.[1a]


Originally, the Bloodtoofs were attempting to locate Gordrakk and his Great Waaagh!, but over time many of them have forgotten this goal and simply rampage through the realms for the sake of rampaging through the realms. Whatever their goal, luck (or the hand of Gorkamorka) usually points them towards realmgates that will deposit them near some place that needs a good krumpin'.[1a][2a]


Bloodtoof armour is normally painted bright red - perhaps because they view it as the fightiest colour, or perhaps just so they can see where other Bloodtoofs are and so everyone can keep moving the same direction. Yellow accents, usually in the form of teeth or flames, denote that the bearer has made an impressive kill (or just thought it would look 'ard if he had some). Bloodtoof Gore-gruntas often paint these yellow teeth/flames the eye holes of their mounts' face plates in the belief that it makes the gruntas more aggressive, and dye their top-knots bright colours so everyone can see them coming.[1a][2a]

Many Bloodtoofs hammer trophies from enemies they have defeated onto their armour in the hopes that they will look suitably impressive once they finally locate Gordrakk.[1a]


A Bloodtoof army is really more of a race where the enemy happens to be in the way. The warclan favours speed and aggression, and much of their forces are made up of Gore-gruntas.[2a]



The Bloodtoofs are always on the move and are always willing to stomp on whatever happens to be in their way (or within sight of their way). They have felled the Singing Oak of Faeious, turned the Zombie Dragons of the royal Menagerie of King Marrowthirst's Flesh-eater Court into an idol to Gork (or Mork, if you looked at it from another angle and it twitched the right way), and turned the Ghyranite tree-city of Silverglade into a bridge across the World Chasm.[1a][1b]


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