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Zombie Dragons are enormous skeletal beasts that are often used as mounts by Flesh-eater Courts and Soulblight Gravelords both as beasts of war and mounts for Abhorrant Ghoul Kings and Soulblight Vampire Lords .[1][8]


The raising of a Zombie Dragon is a crowning achievement for any necromancer and many Soulblight nobles consider them the only creatures worthy of bearing them to war. Thus they embark on quests to find legendary draconic boneyards, overcoming punishing trials and battling all manner of strange beasts specially the dragons themselves, who consider the desecration of their resting places an unforgivable insult. A ritual of vast debasement and sacrifice is needed to successfully resurrect a zombie dragon and bind it into service. The keen intelligence of living dragons is stripped away and replaced entirely with their master’s will with only a scant few Zombie Dragons, typically animated by natural wellsprings of necromantic magic, possess even a flicker of sentience. Thus when the summoner is slain, the Zombie Dragon will begin to crumble and collapse, its unholy animus dissipating until it can be called forth once more.[8]


Zombie Dragons are the most physically powerful of the creatures raised by necromancy showing no creature of flesh, bone and blood is beyond it's animating power. They are able to breath pestilent clouds so acrid that it only leaves bones behind. Soulblight vampires often use these towering monstrosities as attack beasts, using them to bowl over phalanxes of armoured knights and others as flying mounts by their vampiric masters.[7]



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