Morgok's Krushas

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{{{3}}} Morgok's Krushas
Morgok's Krushas 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Destruction
Faction Orruk Warclans
Sub-Faction Ironsunz
Leader Morgok
Members 'Ardskull

Morgok's Krushas are an Ironjawz warband whose members are Brutes from Ironsunz warclan. These orruks hunt the largest prey they could find in Ghur. They entered Beastgrave looking to win glory in the eyes of Gorkamorka. [2]


Morgok and his mob of Ironjawz brutes once hunted down and fought the greatest prey they could find amongst Ghur’s trackless wastes. Whether they ran down spiny nephrodiles or fought the storm-warriors of Sigmar, Morgok’s Krushas sought the mightiest trophies in the name of their bellicose deity, Gorkamorka. While roaming a plain of ancient bones, the Ironjawz boss heard from afar the clash and clangour of battle. They pursued the sounds across the wilds until they arrived at Beastgrave – the noises were echoing from the mountain’s tunnels. Invigorated by Waaagh! energy that would only increase with each conflict, the brute boss led his cronies down into the caverns to win glory in the eyes of the great green god.[3]

During their initial venture into the Beastgrave the warband set their eyes upon a Jabberslythe, believing it to be the greatest prey the living mountain had to offer. Once slain, Morgok had decided they had proven themselves and he and his warband made their way to exit the Beastgrave. Along the way, the mountain attempted to lure them into staying with visions of the lost civilisation of the Silent People, which were dismissed by Morgok. However, before they could leave, the warband was ambushed by Skaven and despite their efforts were eventually killed by the cunning ratmen. Eventually resurrecting due to the Katophrane Curse, Morgok resolved to remain in the Beastgrave, reasoning that they may have slain the greatest beast, but they were still not the best warriors.[5]



Main article: Morgok

Morgok is the leader of the Krushas, armed with a pair of Bone Choppas. [1] He led his mob into the Beastgrave for the purpose of making a name for themselves by defeating the greatest beast found within.[5]


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'Ardskull is an Ironjawz brute who is armed with a Gore-Basha.[1] 'Ardskull isn't the smartest of the warband but he is among the strongest, and he has a sense of his own idiocy that makes him a useful enforcer for the warband. He is the only orruk among the Krushas whose size approached Morgok’s own.[5]


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Thugg is an Ironjawz brute who is armed with a pair of Smashas.[1] Thugg is Morgok's second-in-command and the most cunning in the warband.[5]



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