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Wurrgog Prophet are the powerful Orruk wizards and leaders of the Bonesplitterz warclans.[2]

To the wild eyes of the a Wurrgog Prophet, the realms are filled with signs of the Gorkamorka - and all of them are screaming "Waaagh!". To simply stand close to a Wurrgog Prophet is to bask in his awesome power, and greenskins that follow him into battle are driven mad by this vicious energy. Even hulking Megabosses respect the power of prophets, and some of them believe they can see the great grinning face of Gork (or maybe Mork) looming over these mighty shamans. It is this strength of spirit and savage aura that makes the Wurrgog Prophets the leaders of the Bonesplitterz, and has earned them the grudging respect of other orruk tribes.[1]

As befits their rank as both spiritual leaders, and warlords of the Bonesplitterz, Wurrgog Prophets carry the most magical bones possessed by their warclan. Imbued with the essence of great beasts, these talismans and weapons hold vast power for the prophet to call upon. These enchanted bones also entice squiggly beasts out of their hiding places - most Bonesplitter shamans are accompanied by these little creatures, who caper around the orruk's feet or hang from his shoulders. Many prophets wear masks made from marrowbone, heartwood or bloodstone, as they believe one of the best ways to harness an object's spiritual energy is to wear it on their face.[1]

Wurrgog Prophets have an uncanny sense for beast spirits, able to follow the trails and spoor of creatures across vast distances in the absence of visible tracks, without knowing where their prey is heading, or even what it is exactly. This helps them lead great hunts, as with one good sniff of the air, the prophet can tell where the biggest and best beast souls are found. In battle, the true and awesome power of a Wurrgog Prophet comes to the core. Blessed by Gorkamorka, they are wizards of unpredictable and violent excess. Even the prophet himself is not sure what precise form his spells will take once he looses them. Most Bonesplitter magic involves hammering, smashing and thumping. At the prophet's command, great green fists might rain down from the sky to pummel enemies, or glowing feet kick victims off into the distance. Prophets can also shape this same destructive energy into walls to protect their warriors, conjuring crackling green winds that snatch arrows from their air or physically punch back attackers blows.[1]

Sometimes the prophets' spells will savage the land, creating even more spectacular effects. The ground might crack asunder, hurling spinning rocks in all directions, or forests might burst apart showering enemies in killing splinters. This usually occurs when there are lots of orruk boys nearby, their Waaagh! energy further boosting the prophets' power. A Wurrgog Prophet's magic stirs up the Waaagh! in his own warclan with equally destructive effects. Already unhinged by the caged beasts spirits he carries, sometimes the prophets aura of power sends his lads into even greater heights of animal frenzy. At these times, the orruks lost all sense of self-preservation, becoming even more, maniacal, their minds filled with the roaring voice of Gorkamorka and the urge to rip, smash and kick apart anything within reach. More than one battle has been turned in favour of the Bonesplitterz by the intervention of a prophet, the mystical orruk riling up his boys like a spark falling into a vat of alchemical combustibles.[1]




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