Man-Skewer Boltboyz

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A Boltboy reloads its giant crossbow with sadistic smile

Man-Skewer Boltboyz are Kruleboyz Orruks of the Deffspikerz tribe that act as ranged sharpshooters using their massive crossbows that can one-shot a charging Grunta. Unlike other Orruks, they prefer to sit back and rain lethal projectiles upon the enemy and have a reputation of sadism even among Kruleboyz.[1a][2b]

Units of Man-Skewer Boltboyz are led by Boltboy Bosses.[2b]


Orruks of the Deffspikerz have a preference for killing at a distance which many Ironjawz claim "it ain't orruky", however it is they that often score the first kills in a battle showing such skill that silences detractors. Man-Skewer Boltboyz soften up and decimate enemy targets at range with their Man-Skewer Crossbows and can take down even the toughest foes with a single shot of venom-laced projectiles.[1a][2a]

When hunting they hit to injure rather than kill enjoying the suffering of their prey as it desperately tries to limp back to safety before being finished off by the next volley. However, in battle, they go straight for the headshot as even if they fail to kill it would disorient the target so it could be finished off by stabbers.[2a] Boltboyz are capable of hitting the gaps between armour and scales regularly when given space to aim and guided by the power of the kunnin' Waaagh!.[1a]

One of their favourite pastime activities is to nail prey and defeated rivals unto a tree trunk and draw a crude bullseye on them before releasing them as it is more "orf-entik" to shoot an escaping target than an idle one. Even as Yoofs they have hunted small animals purely as target practice. This level of constant practice mean these Orruks can catch enemies off-guard as they assume the Orruks to be poor shooters.[2a]


Man-Skewer Boltboyz are armed with the signature heavy Man-Skewer Crossbows which gives them their name. These at first glance appear crudely forged and grossly oversized but this hides their lethality.[1a] The two-feet long bolts launched by these weapons have a long-range and hit with such power they can even penetrate sigmarite armour. The bolts are coated in dangerous toxins such as quag-toad venom, milkserpant oil, and powdered bootscorpians which makes even glancing hits lethal while spikes on the bolts are intentionally made to be brittle so they release shards inside the wound.[2a] In the case of an enemy counter-attack reaching the boltboyz the crossbows contain jagged bayonets to deal with them up close.[2a]

Boltboyz are responsible for crafting their own weapons and tend to develop an attachment to their weapons rare among the Kruleboyz, even giving their weapons names. But this only lasts until they could scavenge or steal a better weapon.[1a]



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