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Gore-Gruntas charging through Seraphon ranks

Gore-Gruntas are a units Orruk riding Grunta mounts of the Ironjawz warclans whose mobs and fists act as their shock troops. These plate-clad orruks cling to the back of their porcine predator mounts, hacking apart those that they can while the rest is broken apart apart by their mounts with stomping hooves and piercing tusks, which are then devoured. They are led by Gore-Grunta Bosses who are belligerent even for the Ironjawz and they ride upon the meanest Grunta's that are even feared by other Gruntas. [1][4]

There mounts are never truly tamed as the creatures are far too belligerent ever to accept a rider without a fight. When Ironjaw Warclans pass through areas inhabited by these beasts which are easily identifiable by the destruction they leave, hunters try to corner the beasts and hammer bits of iron onto the gruntas, driving the rivets in with their bare fists which act as a sign of ownership. This process also has the benefit of armouring the gruntas and slowing the beasts down just enough to make them possible to ride. In addition to meat, which includes unobservant orruks and foundations of buildings (specially Khornate ones made out of skulls), Gruntas also eat copious amounts of iron, although this mostly a result of eating the more edible things such as people that are attached to them. This undigested metal is harvested by the orruks, called Pig-iron, to be shaped into weapons and armour.[4]

Cunning bosses have created their own vaunted Gore-grunta strategies such as the Tusks of Gork, the Hoof Puncher or the Snorting Snout Spear and endlessly argue over which is the best tactic. Other orruks may point out, at their own peril, that everything involves just getting a bunch of Gore-gruntas together and charging them into the enemy as fast as they will go.[4]


Ironjawz riders in addition to their heavy armour carry either Pig-iron Choppas or Jagged Gore-hackas while their mounts attack with their natural weapons like fanged maws and hooves and may be heavily armoured as well.[2][4]



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