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The Bonegrinz warclan is an especially large and powerful clan of Bonesplitterz. They are regarded as being expert hunters even by the standards of the Bonesplitterz, and over the course of their wanderings across the realms they have slain countless beasts.[1a]


The warclan is led by the Wurrgog Prophet Gurkak Weirdteef.[1a]


The warriors of the Bonegrinz often sport blue tattoos and warpaint as Gurkak believes that this lucky colour is especially good at attracting strong beast spirits.[1a] Like all Bonesplitterz, they sport a wide variety of bone trophies from their successful hunts; bones and teeth ripped from Magmadroths, Gargants and Maw-Krushas adorn its boys.[1e]


The Bonegrinz follow the traditional organization of their warclan into Rukks. They favour footslogging troops and Savage Big Stabbas over mounted units. Gurkak considers the massive Gorkteef spears carried by his Big Stabbas of the Gob Rukk to be his clan's most valuable trophies, as he takes the name literally and believes that once he has all of Gorkamorka's teeth, the World Spirit of Ghur can be consumed.[1a]

Over the course of their hunts, the Bonegrinz have come across large amounts of the magical amberbone that is the realmstone of Ghur and have mastered the techniques of making amberbone-tipped arrows. The arrows, upon striking their victims, not only inflict physical damage, but also unleash bestial magic that can cause even the most disciplined troops to lose themselves to battle-frenzy. The orruks delight in using this to disrupt shield lines and bait justifiably cautious beasts into attacking. During the Drummer's War, the elite Steel Lions regiment of Hammerhal rushed out of position after being peppered by these arrows, only to be trampled by a Boarboy charge. Naturally, the Bonegrinz have begun to experiment with lashing amberbone tips to gorkteef as well.[2a]

Notable Hunts

The Bonegrinz have found and killed many beasts of legend, including some thought long extinct.[1a] Among some of their more notable kills are:



  • Both Durgka[1a] and Zogruk[1d] are mentioned as being Gorka-boss and leader of the warclan's Brutal Rukk in Battletome: Bonesplitterz (2016). The battletome does not clarify whether they are contemporaries (meaning the Bonegrinz have multiple Brutal Rukks and Gorka-bosses - unusual but possible given that the Bonesplitterz are an unusually large warclan) or if they were Gorka-boss at different times.


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