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Bonegrinz warclan is composed of savage beast hunters without peer. Countless monsters and great spirits have fallen to their crazed orruk warriors in their nomadic journeys across the Mortal Realms. The warclan is festooned with the potent trophies from these hunts; bones and teeth ripped from Magmadroths, Gargants and Maw-Krushas adorning its boys. Every greenskin warrior that wears the mark of the Bonegrinz is a skilled beast killer, and more than any other warclan, they boast huge numbers of savage orruk boys so they can bring down the biggest beasts of the realms. Their notable victims include The mountain-sized Glacierhorn, the Shadow Drake of Lost Narkath, the Nihilith of Vond and the Blueflame Magmadroth.[1a][2a]


The Bonegrinz have accumulated large amounts of amber realmstone from the beast graveyards of Ghur and their prophets have mastered the art of crafting arrowheads tipped with realmstone shards, which is rife with the animalistic essence of the Realm of Beasts. Thus when the arrowheads sink into the enemy’s flesh, they not only cause horrific damage, but also drive the victim into a furious, bestial frenzy causing them to lose the ability to think and charge at the Bonegrinz. While some orruks may be crushed into a paste the tactic has been proven to be highly effective at both baiting monsters or havoc upon armies that rely upon maintaining discipline. This was shown during the brutal Drummer’s War when their rage-inducing arrows caused the veteran Greatswords of the Hammerhal's elite Steel Lions regiment to break their usually immaculate formation and charge towards orruks only to be trampled to death by charging Boarboys. Bonegrinz have also begun to use similar methods to create the ‘Big Teef’ wielded by their Big Stabbas.[2a]



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