Savage Boarboy Maniak

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The Savage Boarboy Maniak are the horn-tips of a Bonesplitterz warclan's attack. Perched on the backs of snorting War Boars and revelling in the fury of combat, they goad their mounts with savage kicks and sharpened bits of bone, driving them ever faster into battle. Scorning cowardly things like shields and armour, Boarboy Maniaks wield a chompa in either hand so they can cause as much carnage as possible. Their boars are just as mad as they are, and each one is chosen for its ill temper and violent antics. Like the orruks on their backs, the boars have been infected with the spirit-madness that pours off the Maniak Weirdnob that leads them.[1][2][3a][3b]

Being repeatedly possessed by raging animal spirit leaves them more than a little unhinged, causing them to charge and thrash around in battle like some furious godbeast rather than a mortal creature, albeit a downright dangerous one. When Maniaks spot their enemies, they move with truly terrifying speed. In their eagerness to get into battle, they will even trample over their own kind, barely noticing those that fall. As soon as a single Maniak gets to grips with the enemy, the rest redouble their efforts to land a blow on something, until their entire mob has crashed and hacked its way deep into the enemy's ranks.[1][2]

Savage Boar Boss Maniak

These hordes of boar-riders are led by Boar Boss Maniaks capable of striking more times than usual. [3a][3b]




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