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Savage Orruk Morboys.

Savage Orruk Morboy are the deadliest Orruk warriors of the Bonesplitterz warclans, considered even insane by the mad orruk warclans' questionable standards. Morboys have a well-deserved reputation for acting recklessly in battle, the overwhelming power of Gorkamorka making them have no regard for safety or self-preservation.[1a][2][3b]


What makes Morboys is as much a mystery to Bonesplitterz as what makes Bonesplitterz is to other orruks - but in both cases, the observers know it when they see it. It often starts when a Bonesplitter kills a particularly fearsome beast or tries to eat its remains a little too quickly. The Wurrgog Prophets say that what happens is that the beast's spirit possesses the orruk, trapping them in a constant state of bestial fury and the Waaagh! buzzing in their heads with incredible power. They recommend getting a big tattoo of the beast to help control its effects, but even the most heavily tattooed Morboys are among the most fierce and unstable of the Bonesplitterz.[1a][4a][5a]


As the Bonesplitterz with the greatest connection to the Waaagh! outside the various shamans and mystics of their warclan, the Morboys gather in the Kop Rukks along with the Wardokks to help protect and empower the clan's Wurrgog Prophet. This also allows the Prophet and his attendants to guide the Morboys in the direction of what needs krumping using spirit-talk and whatever other magical tricks they can muster. Being so full of the power of Gorkamorka as they are, Morboys pay little heed to more mundane commands; clever bosses tend to treat Morboy mobs as something uncontrollable but predictable, like a triggered rockslide.[1a][4a][5a]


Morboys usually go into combat with some combination of chompas and bone shivs in their hands; one of the more intelligible Morboy sayings is that wielding two weapons lets them "hit stuff fasta". Even Wurrgog Prophets and Wardokks have difficulty directing mobs of Morboys in anything more general terms once battle is joined, so they're usually left to their own devices to take on the biggest and meanest foes they can find. As the Morboys rampage, their mad energy only increases with each foe felled, the power of their beast-spirits raging within them and green Waaagh! power playing across their tattoos.[1a][4a][5a]

Their mobs are led by Savage Morboy Bosses or Savage Bosses and supported by bearers of Bone Totems and Skull Thumpers who drum Skull Thumpas.[2][3b]

Deff Riding

The Deff Ride is the most famous of the Morboys' reckless manoeuvres. When they come across an especially big and impressive creature, they attempt to climb up its flanks, using their weapons as improvised climbing tools, with the ultimate goal of reaching its head and sinking a chompa into its brain. Most of the time, this just results in mobs of Morboys being torn apart by the beast's claws or jaws or being crushed by its bulk, but sometimes one of the ladz manages to complete the Deff Ride and bring down a monstrous trophy to the raucous cheers of his surviving mates.[1a]




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