Savage Orruk Arrowboy

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Savage Orruk Arrowboy is a unit of Orruks of the Bonesplitterz warclans, favouring the cunning way of combat of Mork. They wield bows into battle that together with the potency of their greenskin muscle, its arrows are able to pierce steel shields and plates. They shoot as they charge using the bows as improvised melee weapons, together with bone spears and stone-bladed knives.[1][5]

Some Savage Orruk boys are exceptionally skilled with crude hunting bows, Even though their weapons are primitive, combined with the orruks' great strength, they can send a simple wood or bone shaft clean through a troggoth's skull, a steel shield or a sigmarite breastplate. As much fun as orruks have filling something full of arrows, they eventually get bored of standing around on hills and letting other orruks do all the close-up killing.[4]

As a result, Arrowboys are surprisingly skilled at shooting on the move, often loosing brutally effective volleys even as they are charging the last few strides into combat. Once there, these tribal archers are also adept at using their bows as clubs, and using fits full of arrows as stabbas. They go from firing their bows at range to swinging them in a whirlwind of close-quarters mayhem in the space of a few loping steps.[4]



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