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Ironsunz is a large Ironjawz warclan of Orruks ruled by the Megaboss Dakkbad Grotkicker. They are one of the largest warclans to fight in Gordrakk's Waaagh! and can be seen in almost every realm, wearing flashy yellow armor and trying their best to prove their superiority. Dakkbad rose to leadership of this warclan on a trail of broken bones and bashed-in skulls.[1]

Like their boss, the Ironsunz had developed a well-earned reputation for cunning, even in battle - they will wait until a rainstorm strikes before charging a Freeguild gunline or bait enemies to charge them, counter-charging them at the last minute. As his clan grows, so Dakkbad had recruited other powerful orruk leaders - some of whom follow his lead in using proppa taktikz. [2a]


Megaboss Gutdrukk Fourfist was leader of the warclan until Dakkabad killed him and fed him to his own Maw-krushaBossbiter - a beast the new boss still rides. [2a]

An early success to show his prowess is the attack on the fortress of the Chaos Lord Felgraen Hexflayer, where he sends Ardboyz tunnelling into the great menageries of the chaos lord nad releases his scorpiod megafauna into the garrison. The Hexflayers skull becomes a trophy. [2a]

Dakkbads finds his way deep into the Spidergulch booting many grots and even battering the queen Arachnarok, making the Spiderfangs submit to him. [2a]

As he rampages through Ghur, the clan attracts the attention of a Sorceress of one of the Darkling Covens who attempts to have Dakkbad killed by assassins from the Realm of Ulgu and then by treacherous Moonclan Grots. They all fail and it is Dakkbad who survives, whilst her hidden fortress is destroyed. [2b]

Led by Dakkabad, the Ironsunz joined the siege of the Mawgate, a realmgate located within the imprisoned Godbeast Fangathrak in the Scarlands of the Realm of Ghur. There he slays Synlesha Paleblood, a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh before the Godbests breaks free and escapes. Dakkbad soon tires of following the order of Gordrakk and takes his warclan away in search of his own battles. before they depart, they ambush Zogbak of the Bloodtoofs, feeding him to Bossbiter. [2a]

Following the Necroquake, which the orruks know as the Deffstorm, the Ironsunz found the lands they normally rampaged across depopulated by Nighthaunts and Endless Spells whilst many monuments to Dakkbad were cast down by the seemingly endless forces in service to Nagash, or the Boneboss. In contrast, Gordrakks power continued to build and much muttering was made by younger members of the clan. Fort Dakkbad itself is attacked by Nighthaunts but they are destroyed by the detonation of a mob of Weirdnob Shamans. [2a]

Luckily, in the Time of Tribulations, Dakkbad had sent several trusted Megabosses to the Realm of Shyish to fid out what was going on and one, Drogga returned telling him of a underworld - Hallost where mighty warriors battled eternally. A place where Dakkbad was sure he could gain new followers for it must be full of Orruks! So the clan set for Shyish. [2a]


Splinter Clans

A number of other Clans exisit, offshoots of the great Ironsunz, these include:


In the same section of the Tome Celestial, it says that there is a story that Dakkabad actually got Gutdrak to enter a realmgate to a Chaos Dreadhold before smashing the gate. [2a]


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