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Wardokk serve as attendants and advisors to their Wurrgog Prophet in the Bonesplitterz warclans. When the Orruk prophet inevitably explodes they become his successors. Mad as a wounded Grunta, each Wardokk leads mobs of Morboys. These unhinged orruks are among the few in a warclan that can understand the Wardokk's ravings. Together they form the Kop Rukks, vicious Bonesplitter infantry hordes whose relentless savagery is used to punch through heavy defences and stubborn shield walls.[1]

As acolytes of the Wurrgog Prophet, Wardokks take part in beast rituals to called upon and channel the Waaagh! spirit. With wild dances, bone waving and plenty of strange noises, a Wardokk magnifies the power of his prophet and stirs up the energies in nearby mobs. Crackling green tornados whirl around the Wardokks as they invoke their magic, which manifests in different ways depending on the nature of the ritual dances they perform.[1]

The stamping and shuffling of the weird dance calls up a boiling font of Waaagh! energy that can be harnessed by the Wurrgog Prophets and Wardokks alike to power up their spells. Then there is the grimdokk dance, which can patch up a Bonesplitter boy even if he has been horribly mangled in battle. Spitting on wounds, the dancing Wardokk reattaches arms and sticks organs back where they're meant to go until his patient is a good as new. Finally, the ju-ju dance is a potent spirit-jig that charges up Bonesplitter tattoos, making them writhe and twist all the faster and granting the boys extra magical protection.[1]

If a Wurrgog Prophet happens to fall in battle - or somehow blow himself up one of his Wardokks usually takes his place. However, this is not a sure thing, for no matter how skilled a shaman is he must be chosen by Gorkamorka. This choosing can come in many ways such as howling spirit clawing its way out of the dead prophet to force its way into the lucky Wardokk, or a bolt of green lightning blasting him off his feet. Whatever form their gods favour takes all Wardokks agree that they will know the sign when they see it.[1]



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