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Korruk, the Great Red is an Ironjawz megaboss.[1]


A massive orruk clad in heavy armour, painted half red and half black, the colours reversed on is exposed head. One eye is covered in an iron plate, nailed to his skull with an eye painted onto it. His feet are enclosed in spiked metal boots and his hands in gigantic clawed gauntlets. [1]


He attempted to conquer the Sea of Bones, transporting his armies in a fleet of paddle ships powered by his Shamans, taking the Celestial Realmgate from the Stormcast Eternals but then lost it to Mannfred von Carstein. [1]

Subsequnetly his attention was drawn by a detachment of the Hallowed Knights under Ramus of the Shadowed Soul and he fought a duel against him and the Knight-Azyros Vandalus but when a projection of Mannfred taunted them all he departed to fight him. [1]


Kill my boyz, take my stuff, you fink you’re big enough to take Korruk da Great Red?

~Korruk to Ramus..[1]


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