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A Savage Big Boss facing a Carnosaur.

Savage Big Bosses are the biggest and meanest orruks of the Bonesplitterz warclans. They lead their warclan's Gob Rukks by brutal (but kunnin') example, commanding the respect of the mobs with raw strength and violence.[1b][2a][2b][3]


The main duty of the Savage Big Bosses is to lead the mobs into battle, though they also act as the Wurrgog Prophet's enforcers and make sure the boys don't get up to too much trouble between battles. When it comes to leading in battle, their tactics mostly involve rushing ahead and getting stuck in to show the boys how it's done; trying to keep up with their Big Boss and match him kill for kill has led many a mob on a destructive rampage through enemy lines.[1b][2b][4b]

Gorka-bosses and Morka-bosses

The warclan's Wurrgog Prophet will normally appoint his most kunningly brutal Savage Big Boss as Gorka-boss - exemplar of the Gorkish virtues of the Great Green God - and likewise appoint his most brutally kunnin' one as Morka-boss - exemplar of Morkish virtues. Sometimes, a Wurrgog of an especially large warclan will appoint multiple Gorka-bosses or Morka-bosses, but usually only one of each exists in a warclan.[1a][1b][4a]

The Gorka-boss leads the core close combat force of the warclan, the Brutal Rukks. These are unsubtle formations filled with frenzied Bonesplitterz eager to get to grips with the enemy, whether on foot or riding on a war boar. Their goal is little more than to smash their foe repeatedly until it stops moving and then move on to the next target.[1a][4a]

The Morka-boss's Kunnin' Rukks are more subtle, if only by comparison. They attempt to get the drop on the enemy, either by outflanking them or peppering them with arrows. However, when it comes time to get their hands dirty, they are just as shockingly violent in melee as their less restrained brethren - they are Bonesplitterz, after all.[1a][4a]

Much like the two halves of Gorkamorka that they embody, a warclan's Gorka-boss and Morka-boss are always striving to outdo each other and prove that their idea of orrukishness is the best. This rivalry is tolerated and sometimes even encouraged by the Wurrgog Prophet; even setting aside the obvious religious reasons for the mystic to allow the rivalry to continue, it ensures that the two most violent and ambitious orruks in the warclan don't have time to think about why they're letting the relatively weedy shaman order them around.[1b]


Savage Big Bosses favour large, impressive-looking weapons called Boss Cleavas or Boss Chompas into battle; having a big axe is a good way to ensure that the other orruks know that you're the boss. For similar reasons, they often sport numerous impressive trophies made up of the bones of powerful beasts they (or their lads) have killed. Like all orruk leaders, they are well aware that they are just one successful challenger away from losing their position (and maybe their head), so they take pains to demonstrate their authority at every opportunity.[2a][2b][1b][5a]




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