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Hedkrakka miniature.

Hedkrakka is a Wurrgog Prophet and the self-proclaimed "Gob of Gork".[1] He is known to be especially cunning and able to uncover enemy weaknesses.[1]


He gathered Hedkrakka's Madmob in order to kill Beastgrave after he heard Gorkamorka commanding him through his squig-snake familiar to kill a truly colossal beast.[2]


As a Wurrgog Prophet, Hedkrakka can channel the power of primal spirits to protect his warriors.[3c] His signature spell is Bone Krusha, a bolt of energy that becomes more powerful the closer the target is to Hedkrakka.[1]


He is accompanied by his squig-snake familiar, called Mista Fangs.[3b][3d]


As a Wurrgog Prophet, Hedkrakka has the symbols of his station: he carries Wurrgog Staff and wears a Gobby Mask that covers his face. The mask causes those who look upon it to feel primal dread.[1]


Da Great Green God sees you!

~ Hedkrakka, Gob of Gork.[3a]

Whateva you say, Mista Fangs.

~ Hedkrakka, Gob of Gork.[3b]



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