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Gutrippaz are Orruks of the Kruleboyz that make up the bulk of the Badstabbaz tribe and are often the most commonly sighted type of Kruleboyz. These cunning infantry armed with filth-dripping weapons form the heart of most war parties and hunger for a fight and find satisfaction in humbling those that are perceived as more noble.[1a][2a]

These units are led by Gutrippa Bosses.[2b]


Gutrippaz often provide the green muscle needed for the plans and raids of the Killabosses. They are able to form complex battlelines at least by greenskin standards and have an instinctive understanding of picking apart enemy formations for less numerous or less skillful enemies. Armed with disposable weapons encrusted in filth, life in their swamps they call home have turned them into masters of improvisation. For the Kruleboyz slaying a foe in a single blow and jeering at the enemy thrashing in the ground as venom floods their veins is almost considered an art form. [1a]

Gutrippaz prefer when a fight begins in their favour and weaken the enemy using blood-curdling screams and banging sounds as well as their skareshields which appear as a horde of hideous monsters under the effects of hallucinogenic fogs created by Swampcalla Shamans. Many battles have been won by breaking the morale through such methods but Gutrippaz are still hot-blooded as any Orruk and one of the challenges for a Killaboss trying to take captives is getting Gutrippaz to stop.[1a][2a]


The preferred weapon of the Gutrippaz is a Stikka polearm but the more bloodthirsty Orruks may replace it for a Hacka. Stikka is preferred as the spear keeps distance between them and the enemy as well as having more utility and even be thrown as a ranged weapon when desperate. If it breaks, which is common when fighting more armoured enemies such as Stormcast Eternals a new one can be made in minutes. [2a][2b]

The Skareshields they wield are commonly made of dented but durable metal plate however variations made from other material such as those carved from hardwood or cured leather made from tough-skinned beasts exist. The colour and design on the skareshield is used to show the allegiance of the Orruk but all of them are made in the visage of a growling bulge-eyed predator. They are further enhanced with bioluminescent sludge and algae which give effects such as glowing eyes. They are also coated in venomous grime which is used to reapply poison on their weapons. [1a][2a]

Standard bearers carry Gutrippa Banners and some may be musicians that either carry a Horn or a Drum. [2b]



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