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Savage Big Stabbas fighting a Mutalith Vortex Beast.

Savage Big Stabba is a unit of Orruks of the Bonesplitterz warclans. They are a pair of Bonesplitter boys wielding a huge jagged-pointed spears, called big stabbas aloft, using it both against massive monsters and arrogant heroes.[1]


Adept monster hunters, Big Stabbas barrel through the press of combat to drive the great spear into the hides of the towering beasts. The combined skill of the orruks and the magical nature of the Gork Toof helps them seek out the 'squishy bits' of the creature, often their hearts, and the spear's long haft allows it to be driven deep. Sometimes, in the case of especially big monsters like the Magmadroths and Gargants, more than one Gork Toof will be employed, and whole Teef Rukks will swarm around these megalithic beasts. When the creature at last falls, its body is covered in a forest of huge spears.[2a][4]

Should the Orruks carrying it be slain they will use their final breath to launch their spears in a final act of defiance to take their prey with them to death.[2a][2b]


Big Stabbas are Bonesplitterz who wield their warclan's Gork Teef. Each Gork Toof, or Gorktoof is a massive spear that requires two hulking orruks to carry it. It is large enough to inflict crippling wounds on large monsters and topped with a special point usually fashioned from stone or bone that is blessed by the spirit of Gorkamorka. The more often one these sacred weapons is wielded in battle, the greater significance it has to the tribe. It is said by the Wurrgog Prophets that the spirit of every creature killed by these huge spears nourishes Gorkamorka. Some of the weapons have been used by tribes for centuries, repaired and revered by generations of Bonesplitterz. These spears can even take on a life of their own, earning nicknames like Big Pokey or Deffstabba.[2a][2b][4b]

Named Gork Teef

  • Wurld-Splinta: a well-used Gork Toof of the Bonegrinz.[4a]
  • Shiny Stikka: a golden Gork Toof used by the Brokeknuckle tribe with a head from a melted-down Fyreslayer forge-temple. It glowed with inner light.[4b]
  • Weirdtoof: a Skullthumpers Gork Toof that would jump out of the hands of its Big Stabbas when near a realmgate, leading the tribe to its location and helping them find new hunting gounds.[4b]
  • Skykilla: a Gork Toof that would unerringly seek its target when thrown at flying creatures. Its wielders believed that it had the spirit of a flying creature, but that it could not fly away because it could not escape Gorkamorka and so fell back to the ground once it hit its target.[4b]
  • Big Bite: A Bonegrinz Gork Toof that once felled a Carnosaur that had been fighting off both the warclan's Gorka-boss and Morka-boss.[4c]



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