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The Drakkfoot Warclan hunt their prey among the sprawling gorelakes in the Ashlands of the Realm of Aqshy. The red-haired Drakkfoot are regarded as a strange breed even among the Bonesplitterz with the power of the Waaagh! swirling around this shamanistic warclan like a thick mist, giving rise to many Wardokks and Weirdnobs. Unlike others of their kind they seek not creatures of flesh and bone but daemonic and spectral horrors and clobber these ‘spookz’ with beast-infused weapons that blast their spectral bodies apart.[2a]


The Drakkfoot worship the Great Green God with a furious intensity and their Wurrgog Prophets glow with barely restrained power. Any fellow greenskin they suspect of not paying Gorkamorka his due is subject to a brutal and prolonged bludgeoning, assuming they are not blasted apart by magic first. However the Drakkfoot reserve their greatest hatred for those beings spawned by sorcery and dark magic. This hatred stems from the fact that the Ashland Gorelakes have long been plagued by the daemonic legions of the Blood God Khorne and since the Shyish Necroquake, Nighthaunt spirits in thrall to the Great Necromancer Nagash as well. Neither of these foes contain any bones for the Orruks to take and so they disturb their ritual offerings to Gorkamorka. Thus the Drakkfoot began to see themselves as crusaders of the Great Green God with the holy task of clobbering every daemon and gheist in the realms so the greenskins can get back to the right and proper business of killing monsters.[2a]


In battle the Drakkfoot Wardokks conduct hordes of boys in manic, stomping dances that channel the Waaagh! to disrupt the magic that binds their daemonic foes to the Mortal Realms, agonising and enraging them. Crimson tattoos painted with the boiling blood of the Gorelakes writhe and hiss as they ward the Drakkfoot against unnatural magics while also allowing their mystical leaders to hurl fiery spheres of greenish-red energy that explode with tremendous force. Meanwhile, the orruks’ weapons – infused with the shackled spirits of furious drakk-beasts and wielded with utterly single-minded conviction – can temporarily cause gheists to turn corporeal, long enough to be smashed apart in an explosion of spectral matter.[2a][2b]


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