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Beast-Skewer Killbows are powerful portable ballistae of Kruleboyz developed by the Deffspikerz tribe to hunt down giant monsters or skewer entire ranks of smaller enemies in one shot.[1a][1b]


In the Realm of Ghur there are massive beasts that could withstand entire volleys of crossbow bolts with the length of a man's arm used by the Kruleboyz. This resulted in the invention of the Beast-Skewer Killbow, an orruk-portable ballista that could penetrate a Stonehorn's hide to crack apart the monster's rocky skeleton. [1a]

In battle the Beast-Skewer Killbow away from the battleline so they can remain stationary and carefully aim at the enemy sending projectiles that punch through beasts or several ranks of enemy warriors.[1b]


Beast-Skewer Killbows are operated by the largest and wealthiest of the Deffspikerz called "Big Shots". While even the strongest Human would struggle even to just cock the weapon and lifting it would be entirely impossible, for these Orruks the weapons are constant companions. The Orruk carries the weapons to the battlefield and when they see a target they place the Killbow in a flat surface, take aim and launch the projectiles toward the enemy.[1a]

The Orruk is assisted by loading Grots who are responsible for carrying quivers containing spears used as ammunition and help reload the weapon faster as well as getting thumped in the head if their Orruk master misses a shot. These Grots are armed with Jaggedy Blades to defend the weapon from enemies. [1a][1b]



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