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Chagga Weird-Eye is a Wurrgog Prophet active in Rondhol in Ghur during the Era of the Beast.[1a] He is the ruler of the Headkrakkaz warclan.[2a]

Reputed Feats

Chagga has been deemed responsible for several actions against his enemies in Rondhol:

  • Summoning a great green foot that crushed Skarpoint outpost with a single stomp.[1a]
  • Using his fists to smash the menhirs of Old Hrolga into effigies of Gorkamorka, which he then animated with his magic.[1a]
  • Blasting a holy comet to smithereens with bolts shot from the eyes of his mask.[1a]
  • Ripping out the tongue of the Draconith Mimiraxis.[1a]
  • Destroying a secret way-fortress of the Astral Templars. A boar-shaped cloud apparently led him to the fortress's location.[1a]
  • Shouting so loudly that he caused the Godfroth Rapids to change course and flood the lands of the Crowfeast Tribe.[1a]


In the Era of the Beast, Chagga and his warclan journeyed to the ruins of Beastgrave and began construction of a great number of stone totems and idols. Between the bestial energy still within the ruins of the mountain and the Waaagh! energy surging across Rondhol as the Weirdnob Shaman Ka-rokk gathered more and more orruks to his banner, the idols began to move and the Bonesplitterz began to head south with them to join with Ka-rokk's forces. Upon learning of the idols, the Tidebreakers Exemplar Chamber of the Kraken Blades attack Beastgrave to stem their construction and destroy those already built.[2a]


Chagga's name is likely a reference to the medicinal fungus Inonotus obliquus, commonly called chaga.


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