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Rondhol is one of the many predatory continents of the Ghurish Heartlands. [1a]


In the Age of Myth, Sigmar traveled to Rondhol and found Gorkamorka imprisoned in the godbeast Drakatoa in Drakatoa's Gouge. After Sigmar freed Gorkamorka with a lightningcharged hit of Ghal Maraz, Sigmar and Gorkamorka fought what is known as the Duel of Gods and lasted twelve days. [3a]


The surface of Rondhol is a patchwork of flooded areas and floodplains dotted with oxbow lakes and mountains. The land is criss-crossed by a network of rapids tide by mile-high cliffs and valleys. Mapping the rivers is almost impossible, as many choose their courses haphazardly from their source, plunging into vulnerable tributaries and swelling into roaring torrents. The speed with which the rivers eat their way through the country and their ability to carry large rocks is remarkable. Occasionally a river's raging current subsides as a new tributary carves a channel into the earth, revealing a valley of treasure and flotsam, but this is a trap of the rivers for those wishing to plunder the treasures. [3a]

The mountains of Rondhol compete with the rivers and attempt to stem the flow by throwing rocks from their flanks. This can cause the river to flood the land, forcing many beasts to migrate to the mountainsides until the land absorbs the excess floods. [3a]


The residents of Rondhol are hardened and inclined to sudden violence. They wear clothing made from turtles, lizards or sea iguanas and are skilled sailors. [3a]

The Reclaimed Rondholians poured into the Free Cities and outposts that sprung up in the region. The Dawnbringer Crusades are aided by Stormcast Eternals Chamber of the Kraken Blades . [3a]

The Sylvaneth of Rondhol are enraged by the territories of Sigmar, as crusade commanders are beginning to realize that the oldest trees can be used to build Rondhol's ships, resistant to the dangers of the howling waters. [3a]

Rondhol has always been inhabited by Orruks. Numerous clans of the Kruleboyz lurk in the swamps, fighting against the Flesh-Eater Courts with which they share their homes. However, the Kruleboyz are outnumbered by the Bonesplitterz tribes. The orruks of the continent were content to fight each other, the monsters, hordes of the blood god, and crusader Sigmars for centuries until the Ironjawz of Da Choppas of the overboss Ka-rokk arrived. [3a]

Flora and Fauna

The flora that grows in Rondhol's swamps and along the rivers is dangerous enough to pass for Gorkamorkas spawn. These include the following [3a]:


Many residents of Rondhol believe that the rivers themselves are imbued with the hatred of Gorkamorka. In addition, the duel of gods between Sigmar and Gorkamorka has become a popular topic for Sigmar preachers, and as early as the Age of Myth many temples were built in honor of Sigmar near the site of the duel. None of the temples survived the first Waaagh! and the Age of Chaos.[3a]

Many of Rondhol's residents worship angry river spirits, but they are reflections of Khorne. [3a]

The orruks who inhabit Rondhol are convinced that the blood and spirit of Gorkamorka rests in the continent. [3a]


Some of the known locations on this continent:

Nations and Settlements