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Swampcalla Shamans are cunning Orruk mystics of the Kruleboyz.[2a] Considered foul creatures even by other Kruleboyz they have an innate connection with the swamps which they channel into spells while brewing elixirs to aid fellow Greenskins.[2b]


Swampcalla Shamans act as advisors to the Killabosses and spiritual leaders of Kruleboyz society. They often accompany the bosses during raids where they are found whispering the will of Mork to the boss's ears. However, they are not only advisors but also powerful wizards who harness the power of the Waaagh! to cast spells and brew various elixirs alongside their pot-grots.[1a][2a]

Magic and abilities

The Swampcalla Shamans can summon clouds of choking mists that burns the lungs of enemies. When under the power of the Waaagh! curses begin to spill from their mouths, long-honed hexes that can curdle a soul just like their concoctions twist their surroundings. The ground is transmuted into swamplands by their magic while boggy mists cover the battlefield to distract the enemy and cover the stealthy advance of Kruleboyz. [2a][2b]

They brew various elixirs and slops using the most horrible ingredients which are often carried by them. They also carry a massive cauldron in which new batches of elixirs are made and pot-grots continuously stir it to maintain its potency. Such is the sheer potency that a single drop can shrivel a tongue while fumes could take away a persons smell permanently. Some can be applied to the ley lines that run across the realms to cause the lands themselves to shake in agony. When desperate a Shaman can throw the elixirs forcing the enemy to run away screaming as they are dissolved into black sludge. [2a] Toxins brewed by Swampcalla Shamans are given to other Kruleboyz, which are coated on weapons to give them such toxicity that some can even kill by mere proximity. [1a]

The connection Swampcalla Shamans have with the mires and bogs of the realms allows them to detect swamps from miles away and guide fellow Kruleboyz to nearby waterways with extreme precision. The shifting semi-sentient above the marshland allows them to see patterns and visions, it is even said they communicate with these gaseous entities. [2a]


A Swampcalla Shaman carries a Bogbark Staff as well as various concoctions such as deadly poisons to disgusting yet life-saving elixirs. The Pot-grot companion is armed with Back-up Stabba.[2b]




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