Ironskull's Boyz

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Ironskull's Boyz 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Destruction
Faction Orruk Warclans
Sub-Faction Ironsunz
Leader Gurzag Ironskull
Members Bonekutta

Ironskull's Boyz are a warband of Ironjawz Orruks. These orruks clad in thick plates and wielding huge jagged weapons made of rusted metal are led by Gurzag Ironskull. They were trapped in the in the Mirrored City after trying to loot the ruins of Shadespire. While initially furious the Orruks have grown fond of the place and its endless cycle of violence and bloodshed.[1]


During their time in Shadespire, Ironskull's Boyz collaborated with the Chaos Warrior Zuvass, and an alliance of Khorne Bloodbound led by Isengrim, the Katophrane Mekesh, and the army of Death led by the Sepulchral Warden. In return for their aid, Zuvass provided the orruks an opportunity to challenge the Stormcast Eternals led by Severin Steelheart and the various people under the direction and protection of the Katophrane Sadila Hausa.[2]


Gurzag Ironskull

Gurzag Ironskull is the leader of his namesake warband. He has come to appreciate the Mirrored City, for in all the years he had spent trapped there, he has never run out of things to smash.[4a] During this time, he had come to rise to the status of warboss and rally hundreds of orruks under his command.[2]


Armed with a heavy axe, Bonekutta might not be the most cunning of orruks, but he makes up for his lack of wits with a seemingly boundless capacity for gleeful violence.[4b]


Basha is an ardboy armed with two spiked, metallic clubs. Jumping and whirling in an insane dance, Basha leaves a trail of broken bones and shattered skulls in his wake.[4c]


Hakka is an ardboy armed with a pair of Orruk‑forged Choppas and Smashas. Hakka has long desired to lead his own mob, as warbosses get the fanciest loot.[4c]



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