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The Icebone are Bonesplitterz from the Skyblind Tundras of Ghur. They are particularly known for their freezing weapons carved from the ice of the spirit-glaciers of the Tundras and for their hardy, white-furred war boars.[1a]


The Icebone believe that the boars of the Tundras are descendants of the godbeast Shattatusk, who Gorkamorka once sought to ride into battle and whose shattered tusk formed the great spirit-glaciers of the region. The boars are therefore sacred beasts, and Icebone orruks often try to tame (or at least ride) them in order to prove their worthiness.[2a]

THeir icy homeland means that Icebone orruks usually find the Everwinter that pursues the ogors of the Beastclaw Raiders awe-inspiring; to the Icebone, battling an eternal blizard seems to be the next best thing to actually finding a World Spirit to fight.[2a]


The Icebone craft their weapons out of the Waaagh!-infused ice of the spirit-glaciers of their home. Those struck with these weapons find the chill of the glacier seeping into them, slowing their reactions and potentially even freezing them in place.[1a][2a]

Due to their reverence for the boars of the Tundras and the resulting constant efforts to corral them, Icebone rukks tend to have more Savage Boarboyz than those of other warclans, and their mounts' lives in the cold tundras mean that the boars are particularly hardy and sure-footed. An Icebone boarboy charge is an even faster avalanche of aggression than that of other warclans - and any foe who survives the initial pass can find their blood freezing in their veins, making the next charge that much deadlier.[1a]


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