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Rograk is a Savage Boar Boss Maniak of the Bonegrinz Bonesplitterz.[1]


Rograk began his life as a Bonesplitter as a skilled Savage Boarboy who seemingly had a promising future of trampling his warclan's enemies ahead of him. However, while fighting alongside the Ironsunz Ironjawz during the Soursea War, he became distracted by a riderless grunta, cornered it, and killed it. The beast's spirit entered him, making him as much grunta as orruk. Now, when not riding down enemies on his boar, he spends most of his time snuffling about and grunting like a pig.[1]

Despite (or perhaps because of) his eccentricities, Rograk is still an incredibly strong fighter. When the Lord of Khorne Baudrax the Hunter attacked the Bonegrinz in an effort to kill the warclan's leader, the Wurrgog Prophet Gurkak Weirdteef, it was Rograk and his Maniaks who rode at the side of the Maniak Weirdnob Urglthrak from the outer flanks of the battle to its very centre where Baudrax attempted to break through the last lines of Morboys around the prophet. Rograk killed multiple Skullcrushers and Chaos Knights during that reckless charge, which allowed Urglthrak to reach Baudrax and unleash his magic on him, ending the battle.[1]


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