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Rograk was once one of his Gorka boss' most promising boys. He was gifted in the ways of boars, and could trample over everything from hissing Khornate daemons to rune-covered Fyreslayers. The Gorka boss was sure that when the great green foot came for him, Rograk would be the next one to lead the Brutal Rukk. It seems, though that Gorkamorka had other plans for Rograk.[1]

During the Soursea War, Rograk's tribe fought alongside the Ironsunz. Rograk marvelled at the Ironjawz' gruntas, and was always following them about and poking them with his spear, despite getting battered more than once by irate Ironjawz. It was in the midst of battle against the undead legions of the Sourskull King that Rorgrak became distracted by a riderless grunta staggering off into the wilds. Chasing the wounded beast, the orruk eventually cornered it, and as the creature died, he was filled with its spirit. Since that day, Rograk has been as much grunta as orruk, and when he isn't smashing seven shades of gore out of his enemies, he is getting lost making porcine noises and nuzzling the ground.[1]


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