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The Kraken Blades are said to be the greatest seafarers among the Stormhosts. They primarily operate in theatres of war across the continents of Lendu and Rondhol in the Ghurish Heartlands.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

When the horrors of the Age of Chaos broke across the Mortal Realms the Cathargi thalassocracy in Rondhol managed to survive for many long years. Though the nation would come to an end during a cataclysmic naval battle against the Slime Fleet of Gutrot Spume, their valour attracted the attention of Sigmar who chose to reforge thousands of them into Stormcast Eternals. They would be organized into a single Stormhost, taking the Kraken Blades as their name.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Dawnbringer Crusades out of the Everquake City spread across the continents of Lendu and Rondhol in the western Heartlands of Ghur, spearheading these ventures are the warriors of the Kraken Blades. Despite their efforts, the Kraken Blades can not be everywhere at once nor ensure good relations are maintained with their allies.[1a]



The Stormhost still retains many of the traditions and beliefs of the Cathargi. Such as daubing themselves in tattoos and ritual markings of Cathargi origin and operating in small bands bonded by fellowship, not unlike a ship's crew during times of war.[2a]

They hold a deep, spiritual connection to the seas of the Mortal Realms and they hold an incredible amount of knowledge on the waterways of the Realms, which they use to effectively flank opposing armies.[2a]


The Idoneth Deepkin treat the Kraken Blades with an uncommon level of respect, due largely to the Stormhost's spiritual connection to the seas of the Realms.[2a]


The original members of the Kraken Blades were Reforged from souls of thousands of Cathargi who valiantly died in a devastating naval battle that prevented Gutrot Spume from invading Rondhol. Those who have come after hail exclusively from tribes of coast-dwellers and sea-reavers.[1a][2a]


The Kraken Blades prefer to employ flanking tactics, in methods reminiscent of the many tentacles of the beast from which they take their name, typically dividing into small bands to cover as much ground as possible. They have a preference for targeting enemy supply lines and warlords, beheading the momentum of the foe before it can even begin. These tactics are well-suited for fighting around the river valleys of Lendu and rapid waterways of Rondhol.[1a][2a]


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