Time of Tribulations

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The Time of Tribulations describes a series of events and wars across the Mortal Realms as the lord of the dead Nagash seeks to complete his ages old plan to dominate the Realm of Shyish and beyond.


Age of Chaos

  • Nagash tasks many thousands of undead to gather grave-sand to create vast monuments such as the inverted Great Black Pyramid to draw death energy to the centre of the Realm of Shyish.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

  • The king of the city of Helspoint bargains with the dead attacking his home, twenty days later the city falls and he becomes a Knight of Shrouds.[2b]
  • Hammerhal Ghyra crops are plagued by vast swarms of death's-head moths and scorpion-locusts, forced to rely on its own stockpiles it is unable to supply its sister city. Before they can starve the cities Bright Wizards conjure a huge firestorm which burns the infestation away and also many Nighthaunt invaders.[2b]
  • In all the Mortal Realms fields go barren or worse crops of skulls and bones are unearthed instead.[2b]
  • Knights of Shrouds are dispatched across the Mortal Realms to offer armies, cities and empires the same bargain they took.[2b]
    • The town of Grovenheim is assaulted by daemons of Nurgle, they drive them off, but the plague ravages the survivors, a pale woman, a follower of Nagash arrives and offers an end to their suffering - many accept.[3c]
  • The last remaining Amethyst Princedoms in Shyish band together against the growing threat of the Nagash.[2b]
  • Lord Slougous, a champion of Nurgle returns to his domain of the Valley of Biles only to find it reclaimed by the forces of Death who slay him and hang his corpse from a great tree in Hangman’s Orchard. [3d]
    • A force of the Knights Excelsior raise the siege of the settlement of Holmspear, but find that they are too late to save the inhabitants from corruption - they slaughter all within.[3e]
  • Admiral Leifson of Barak-Zilfin leads a fleet to Shyish seeking the damned city of Shadespire. [2b]
  • Powerful servants of Nurgle, Horticulous Slimux and Rotigus Rainmaker enter the realm of Shyish to forestall the plans of Nagash, but they are defeated by an alliance of the living and the dead.[2b][3f]
  • The cogfort Light of Hope is dispatched from Hammerhal Aqsha to guard the Realmgate to Shysh known as the Gates Below, they are destroyed by spectral figure astride a ghastly steed who casts an enchantment to cause them and the fort to age rapidly.[3g]
  • Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike see a vision of millions of the dead, all walking towards the same destination.[3h]
  • Burrowing through a gnaw-hole, the Grey Seer Scrickrack begins to mine grave-sand at the edge of the Realm of Shyish, initially protected by the Spirit-syphon, the machine draws in too many banshees and his expedition is slain.[2b]
  • Warboss Naglig and his Black Worm Tribe are lured into Shyish by Snazzgar Stinkmullet.
  • Skulgourd Alfrostun enter the Realm of Syhish with their Everwinter, however the ogors find little to eat and eventually end up as part of the Flesh-eater courts of Charnelcourt.[2b]
  • Blight City is plagued by a flurry of assassinations - it is unclear if these are carried out by actual spectres and nighthaunts or Clan Eshin. [2b]
  • The city of Nevermoat stands firm against waves of animated corpses over a period of three months, they are cursed by the necromancer Moard the Hag to cannibalism and delusions that Mortarch of Night, Mannfred is actually a saint of Sigmarite faith.[2b]
  • Snazzgar Stinkmullet convinces many grot tribes to enter Syhish, building a Waaagh against the plans of Nagash. [2b][3i]
  • The twin Azyrite towns of Belvegrod, Westreach and Eastdale fall to the dead in the Realm of Shyish.[2b]
  • Marakarr Blood-Sky defeats Tarvak the Flayer in a duel, she takes his head and his legions to join her growing horde, heading for Shyish.[3j]
  • At the behest of her mistress, Neferata, the vampire Doyenne Dalvia continues to expand her influence in Hammerhal, sending detailed reports to the Mortarch on its military and using Lord Helvir’s Blood Knights to attack outposts and spread fear.[3k]
  • Cerrus Sentanus, Lord-Veritant of the city of Excelsis discovers that the Sanguinary Choir has infiltrated deep into his city and pledges to root out all in the thrall to the vampires, even if he had to drag every mortal soul in the city to the darkest depths of the Consecralium. [3l]
  • The city of Heldelium falls into chaos, tearing itself apart in fear that the dead are coming for them, but it is the Skaven that finally take the ruined city. [3m]
  • Rhedgar and Lhusim, Black Disciples of the Mortarch of Sacrament seek out Morathi to claim her and her lands for Nagash, none escape her wrath. [3n]
  • The two hundred and forty-four Lords of the Heavenhall of the city of Hammerhal debated fiercely about what action to take before Morathi arrives. She convinces them to send the cities armies to join her own in attacking the Realm of Shyish.[3o]
  • Marakarr Blood-Sky orders the Deathbringer Madzec of the Flayed Legion to hold Coldspite Cairn against the massed armies of the Harrowed Spine mountains, eventually they are overwhelmed. Enraged, Khorne himself smites the battlefield with Allslaughter, crushing mountains and sending a flood of blood and Daemons to continue the battle.[3p]
  • The town of Harthaven is overwhelmed by the dead, despite the best efforts of a contingent of Stormcast from the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, one of whom has his soul captured by a ghast. [3q]
  • The fortified township of Houndsgate is discovered by Swifthawk Agents to be empty of life with only the smell of the deep sea left as a clue to the attackers.[3r]
  • Ensignfort, having survived assaults by Chaos and the undead for centuries, is attacked by the Idoneth Deepkin, all inside are put into a coma and their souls stolen.[3s]
  • A vast horde of undead including many vast monsters descend through the sea to attack the Deepkin enclave of Mor'phann [3t]
  • Things-master Snitterskritch gathers an army of a million skaven to attack Nagashizzar via a gnawhole but the arcane tunnel is flooded with water, drowning all and sending a wave of wter to crash into Blight City [3u]
  • The ocean that conceals the Deepkin Enclave of Khaphtar is steadily drained and it is attacked by the dead. The aelves appeal to King Glorian of Laebrea for help. [3v]
  • King Glorian lures a number of Ironjawz hordes through a realmgate to Shyish to distract Nagash so the Deepkin can aid their kin. [3w]
  • For eighteen days and nights, the Wyrmstar hung above the mountaintop citadel of Tallowreach in its malign light. The resulting Wyrmblight first causes sickness and then death, the dead rising to attack the living. [3x]
  • Alarielle overwhelms the cog-fort Saint Sverova and demands that the crew take her to the city lords of the Greywater Fastness. [3y]
  • The Stormrift Conclave meets to vote on the alliance with the Temple of Khaine being made permanent and official in Azyrheim and beyond, the vote is passed by 123 to 121.[3z]
  • Ulfort, the magmahold of the Ulrung lodge is invaded by spectral creatures, the fyreslayers discover that not only are their runic defenses have been rendered inert but that the great furnace at the heart of the hold will not light with fire but instead burns with necromantic energies.[4a]
  • Gulgaz Stoneklaw leads his Gutstompas across the Flamescar Plateau, destroying all that stand against them, ever in search of a worthy battle. reaching the edge he at first finds nothing but Gorkamorka shows him the way - he sacrifices his Wurrgog Prophet and opens a portal to the Realm of Shyish wher a great war can be found.[4b]
  • In the Void, stars begin to fade and die and aboard the temple-ship of Aximahotl, the skink priest Maq'uat discovers Lord Xuatamos near to death, he takes matters into his own hand and unleashes starhosts on the Realm of Shyish.[4c]
  • Sigmar sends emissaries to find the hidden god of death Vannah to ask him to aid in the battle against Nagash, it is Rayvan Nightbolt who finally discovers him and his lost souls but in doing so also reveals them to Nagash who devours the god and claimed the lost souls as his own. [4d]
  • The Great Black Pyramid at Nagashizzar nears completion and Nagash orders his Mortarchs to protect it from the various armies advancing across Shyish towards it.[4e]
    • Nagash reveals to Mannfred von Carstein his ultimate objective with the Pyramid - to riase the dead and slay the living.[4e]
  • As Nagash enacts his Great Ritual, a small force of Skaven from Clan Slynk sneak into the heart of the Great Pyramid and steal several jewels from the central chamber, tainting the ritual.[4f]
  • The Shyish Necroquake reverberates across all realms and in them all the spirits of the dead rise from their graves as one domain after another was assailed by a billion dead souls.[4f]


The magic of an entire realm has been brought to me. The ending of all things will soon be mine to shape. With the power of shyish at my command, the dead of the mortal realms will rise as one. The living will be slain by the undead, and their souls will descend to shyish – no longer to myriad underworlds, but all to Nagashizzar. With their followers gone, the so-called gods will also fall. One by one they will submit to my dominion, or else I will turn them to ash.

~Nagash to Mannfred von Carstein .[4e]



  • Sigmar and the Stormcast Eternals: Sigmar seeks to bring the Nagash to heel after his betrayal in the Battle of the Burning Skies and wants to use him to unlock the secrets to perfect the Reforging process.[1]
  • Men, Aelves and Duardin of the Free Cities: After settling the Mortal Realm once again, the returned refugees from Azyr seek to defend their hard-earned territories as the Stormcast forces are spread thin.[1]
  • Kharadron Overlords: These duardin could head up to skies and wait, but Death is bad for business and Nagash may want to claim aether-gold reserves for himself so they are invested in protecting the Mortal Realms and their trade partners, for now.[1]
  • Fyreslayers: The Fyreslayers are being paid heavily to protect the Free Cities, and while Nagash would accept anyone that swore fealty to him, they don't see this as desirable or profitable for them.[1]
  • Seraphon: Ancient pacts the Slann have with Sigmar, forces the Seraphon to muster against the armies of Death, and if along the way they fight against Chaos the better.[1]
  • Sylvaneth: The Sylvaneth are anathema to Nagash armies, and while they despise the mortal who destroy their forests and groves, they will join together with them to stop the influence of the Death God.[1]
  • Ironjawz, Greenskinz and Grots: The Greenskins see the humans preparing for what they perceive to be a Waaagh!.The Fungoid Cave-Shaman has been predicting that humans are heading towards the same place to fight against the dead, promising them a better fight than the Realmgate Wars and the Gordrakk might show up.[1]
  • Gutbusters: The prospect that the Mortal Realms might be consumed by another other than themselves offends them greatly. They have no hunger for the flesh of the dead, but they will still descend upon Shyish to show them who's in charge.[1]
  • Beastclaw Raiders: Some of the Beastclaw Raiders seek to save the realms from annihilation, as that's where they keep their stuff, while other desire to taste the strange delicacies of the Underworld.[1]
  • Legions of Nagash: The Great Work of Nagash is almost finished and he can't even suffer a small disruption that would see countless centuries of plans set back or ruined, so the Grand Necromancer has commanded to stop these risks at all costs.[1]
  • Soulblight Vampires: Soulblight existed in the fringes of mortal society, but now that Nagash's plan is nearing completion, it's almost time for the Vampires to remind them that they are merely prey.[1]
  • Nighthaunt: These malevolent spirits want to show the Stormcast what happened to those that didn't get saved by Sigmar.[1]
  • Flesh-eater Courts: These Mordants and Vampires seek to protect their delusional kingdoms in Shyish from the threat of invading Chaos Warriors and Stormcast Eternals, with the help of Nagash.[1]
  • Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness: Chaos seeks to restore Archaon's dominance of the Mortal Realm, their rightful king according to Chaos, whetever the threat comes from Azyr or Shyish.[1]
  • Khorne: Khorne spites Nagash for seeking an end to war itself and sends his legions to make sure such vision does not happen.[1]
  • Nurgle: Nurgle respects Nagash, but the end of all life that Nagash plans, would end the cycle of life that Nurgle embodies. So the armies of the Plague God seek to defend all the children of the Mortal Realms, whether they accept him or not.[1]
  • Tzeentch: Tzeentch is horrified by the future that the Malign Portents indicate, and Nagash ambitions defy God of Change' very nature. His cults delay their plots and schemes so they can get ready for this threat.[1]
  • Slaanesh: Slaanesh is the most tormented by the Malign Portents, not only because it would make their escape from their trap from between the realms, but also because the dominion of Death would be unbearably dull for the Dark Prince.[1]
  • Beasts of Chaos: Brayherds and Warherds seek to tear down all civilisation, especially the regimented order of Nagash's kingdoms, specially from the woods of Shyish that once belonged to them.[1]
  • Skaven: The ratmen seek to find the Warpstone that they think might be hidden inside for the Great Horned Rat.[1]