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Excelsior Warpriest 01.jpg
An Excelsior Warpriest of Sigmar
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Blades of Khorne
Cities of Sigmar
Collegiate Arcane
Devoted of Sigmar
Disciples of Tzeentch
Hedonites of Slaanesh
Ironweld Arsenal
Khorne Bloodbound
Maggotkin of Nurgle
Nurgle Rotbringers
Tzeentch Arcanites
Slaanesh Sybarites
Slaves to Darkness
Tamurkhan's Horde
Origins World-That-Was
Languages Celestial Tongues of Azyr
Dark Tongues
Type Mortal
Distinctive trait Adaptable[5d]
Average height 5-6ft (152cm-183cm)[5d]
Average lifespan 70 years[5d]
Common eye colours Black[5d], green[5d], blue[5d], brown[5d], hazel[5d], amber[5d]
Common hair colours White blond[5d], golden blond[5d], black[5d], brown[5d], auburn[5d], red[5d], grey[5d]

Humans are spread out all across the Mortal Realms and are one of the three most numerous and widespread races within them, they are outnumbered only by the great chittering masses of the Skaven and the screaming hordes of Greenskinz.[5a]


Humans have a shorter lifespan than other races of the Mortal Realms, such as Duardin and Aelfs, it is believed that these short lifespans are what lead humans to be such vigorous, inventive, expansionist, and opportunistic creatures. These driving traits of humanity can lead them to the loftiest of heights, many even earning a place among the ranks of Sigmar's Stormhosts, but these same traits can lead humanity to their downfall. Many are lured by the prospect of immortality and power, leading them to swear eternal fealty to Nagash in exchange for mastery over necromantic arts or the path to glory in service of the Dark Gods of Chaos.[5a]

Most of those humans that have not turned to, or been claimed by, Death or Chaos spend their lives behind the walls of one of Sigmar's cities, or in the lands surrounding them.[5a] The greatest of these cities are known as the Free Cities, or the Cities of Sigmar.[6a]


Humans put less stock in the value of a name and, as such, are amongst the species with the most varied in all of the realms, as they put less stock in its value than others. They also tend to change it, by either adopting nicknames and embracing the naming conventions of other cultures.[5d]

  • Forenames: Aisha, Alzheer, Armand, Belta, Byrun, Carazo, Claudio, Crellis, Dumala, Dinaim, Eklya, Francas, Gerot, Hanniver, Havard, Horrin, Ingrin, Isa, Kalja, Lutha, Mathias, Niara, Ninian, Olfren, Owain, Palem, Samriel, Sanasay, Seguin, Sol, Tessa, Utrecht, Valdemar, Wolfgardt, Xan, Yare, Zana, Zelja.[5d]
  • Surnames: Aelhad, Altenbach, Arul, Bemyr, Bok, Callis, Chown, Danst, el Talamé, Gage, Galbrecht, Hart, Herzborg, Hess, Jansen, Karsten, Locklin, Mathos, Nahazim, Omasa, Prinson, Reynar, Schimdt, Sydona, Toll, uth-Kinnan, van-Drak, Volker, Warrent, Yaleh, Zebo.[5d]


Humans have a primal fear that is primarily directed at the supernatural and the arcane, especially when they seem to be impossible to overcome.[14]


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth the God-King traveled far and wide as he spread civilization across the Mortal Realms, gathered together his Pantheon of Order, and brought an age of peace. Under the guidance of the Pantheon the worshippers of Sigmar entered into a golden age of innovation and prosperity. Meager towns grew into metropolises, scattered nations grew into empires, and monuments were erected in honor of the gods. Among the greatest of these nations were Grungni's city of Elixia, the Amethyst Princedoms, Thyrassuss, and the Eternal City of Azyrheim[6e]

Age of Chaos

This age of prosperity was not to last and eventually mortal weaknesses such as envy, greed, and lust for power attracted ancient and darksome entities known as the Chaos Gods, the ancient enemies of Sigmar. War spread across the Mortal Realms as the daemonic legions of the Dark Gods flooded into reality. The great empires of humanity and the other races of seven Realms were shattered, untold masses fled to the Realm of Heavens for safety. Those who could not make it through the Gates of Azyr before they were closed were left to the butchery of the Age of Chaos.[6e]

Age of Sigmar

Sigmar's Tempest is unleashed on the lower Realms and the Gates of Azyr are re-opened, the vast legions of Stormcast spreading forth to reconquer the Realms. The descendants of those who fled to Azyr follow in the wake of the Stormcast and build great bastions of hope around Realmgates claimed by the Stormhosts, many humans are among these mortal settlers. Many of the scattered remnants of humanity that survived the Age of Chaos untainted flock to these bastions, the Cities of Sigmar, these people become known as the Reclaimed and many among the Azyrite cultures look upon them with distrust and prejudice.[6f]


The following factions have Human members

Human Nations and Tribes



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