Tarvak the Flayer

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Tarvak the Flayer was a khornate lord known as Scourge of the Plains and the Butcher of the Iron Forest[1]


His body was grotesquely swollen with power, radiated a terrifyingly intense energy with arms rippling with muscle and a bull-like head sat upon a thick, corded neck. Tattoos and ritual scarring covered every inch of his flesh with his mouth split by two deep, crusted gouges running from the corners of his mouth to his eyes. [1]

Tarvak’s Gorechosen were known as the Flayed Legion.[1]


His greatsword had tasted the blood of thousands of challengers in a long and gore-splattered reign and his name was feared across the Plains of the Bleeding Sky. [1]

In the Time of Tribulations, Marakarr Blood-Sky travelled to his court to demand his and his warrior’s fealty in the war against Nagash. He refused and they fought a duel – which he lost and she took his head.[1]


I bend my knee to no one. Neither man nor woman is worthy of my fealty, for none have ever defeated me in battle. I care not for your soothsaying, witch. Serpent lies and trickery hold no sway over the Blood God’s faithful.

~ Tarvak to Marakarr Blood-Sky.[1]


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