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Warpstone of Chaos

Warpstone is a realmstone of impossible impurity, a crystallisation of magical energy corrupted by Chaos.[1a]


Warpstone is typically darkest black in appearance surrounded by an eerie green aura. It's magic is so powerful that it eats the light that surrounds it leaving a supernatural pall or shadow around it. It may twitch, rattle or sparks of its own accord or remain unmoving while smoldering to shroud itself in malevolent haze. [1a] [3a]


The Skaven are the greatest users of warpstone who ceaselessly mine it but the followers of other gods also make use of it as well. Warpstone is the fuel of Skaven society used to generate warp lightning, create monstrous abominations and spread mutated contagions or simply forge blades or armour and power spells. Skaven are even known to consume warpstone seeking ascension. Unlike regular realmstone the potential of warpstone can be achieved without any knowledge or understanding however its use among non-Skaven is rare as even Daemons are aware that warpstone is not kind to its wielder.[1a][3a]

Warpstone is insidious by nature, its presence alone gruesomely bends reality and cannot be handled safely. In desperation people resort to warpstone and it is the most widely spread realmstone present in all realms except Azyr. Warpstone floods the user with arrogance and power thus they begin to believe its dangers to be exaggerated but the most merciful result is quick death caused by a sudden spark or energy flux. Survivors will be twisted in mind and body as their worst vices are magnified while mutations begin to appear at a increasingly rapid pace. The soul of the user comes to the attention of Chaos Gods each of them attempting to drag the victim to their own ruinous path. The final result is the warpstone user spreading corruption to everyone and everything they held dear. The greatest example of this is the Blight City itself, a cancer that continuously destroys itself while also consuming everything it touches.[3a]

Slaughterpriests are known to drink a foul cocktail of warpstone mixed with the blood of the best of the foes slayed by them, and daemonic gore. This imbues them with additional power of Khorne.[5]

Notable Deposits

  • Blight City, the skaven capital, is said to have been built on a warpstone bedrock, which does not hinder their greed for more.[1a]

Notable Objects

  • The Comet Unholy: One of the legendary compound-artefacts created by the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire. A pendant of a thrice-tailed comet formed of celestium and warpstone. It ties together its bearer's sense of willpower and dread together, and prolonged exposure will transform its bearer into a Chaos Spawn.[2a]
  • Warpstone Snuff: A form of smokeless tobacco, often imbibed through the nose, that is blended with wapstone.[4a]


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