Blight City

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Blight City is the heart of the Skaven race and the vast Under-Empire that lies in its own sub-realm and yet reaches into both the Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos [1a]


The capital city of Skavendom is a vast sprawling nightmare of a city, built upon a bedrock of pure warpstone and constantly cloaked in its own smog. It is constantly in flu, with towers, warrens and burrows constantly being created as others collapse or are destroyed. [1a]

It is a stinking hive of brutal violence, uncontrolled industry and poverty with untold billions of slaves and labourers constantly toiling, trillions-upon-trillions of skaven dwell there, competing and fighting for every scrap of power and resource. [1a]

Armies flow out of the city into the Mortal Realms using the many Gnawholes, carrying death, pestilence and corruption to all the eight realms. [1a]


Age of Myth

Blight City was created in the Age of Myth in a hidden sub-realm, a splinter in the great void. Each clan claims that it founded the city and there are many conflicting legends about its creation. Some say it was an older Skaven city that washed up upon a vast deposit of warpstone – others that it was once called Kavzar, a city of Humans and Duardin before the Horned Rat claimed it. [1d]

Age of Chaos

A terrible civil war rages through the city and the Mortal Realms, lasting for twenty six years and destroying much of the ramshackle metropolis and untold Skaven and slaves. Although Clans Verminus achieve a partial victory, the war in the shadows continues until Skreech Verminking ends it, killing six Lords of Decay to make his point. [1d]

Age of Sigmar

Not long before the Necroquake, the Master Moulder Things-master Snitterskritch creates a massive gnawhole into the Realm of Shyish but accidently burrows into the bottom of the Khaphtar Sea, causing a flood of zombie filled water to sweep through the tunnel, drowning Snitterskritch and his million Skaven and crashing into Blight City itself. [1d]

The vast hordes of undead cause havoc in the city, assisted by various Skaven attempting to capatlise on rivals misfortunes and even old scores. It even begins to threaten the Masterburrow itself until Grey Seer Thanquol appears and takes command of the defence, masterfully turning the tide and then vanishing again with justifiable paranoia. [1d]

During the Necroquake, the city suffers several shock waves that destroy a number of warren-districts and ghasts flood ito the city through the gnawholes. Many attempt to take advantage of the chaos and no less than four Lords of Decay are slain.[1c] Following the Necroquake, Clans Pestilens and Clans Skryre teeter on the edge of a second civil war as they compete for dominance of Blight City. [1d]


  • Scuttlebleak
  • Slitwarren
  • The Gyredelve
  • The Tower of Kavzar: The Council of Thirteen meets in an immense chamber at the top of the tower known as the Masterburrow. [1b]
    • The Masterburrow: A vast space large enough to hold not only the council members but large formations of warriors as arguments can settled by the use of proxy force. Each Council member has his own sub tower and from twelve of them a grand balcony project from which each Lord of decay can use amplisqueaker arrays and snoutaphones to screech at their rivals. Each tower has formidable and neccesary defences. The Thirteenth tower is usually empty, unless Skreech Verminking sits on the warpstone throne on behalf of the Horned Rat himself. [1b]