Flamescar Plateau

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Map of Flamesar Plateau.

Flamescar Plateau is a contested region in the Great Parch in the Realm of Aqshy.[1]

It is border to the west by the Wretch Sea and to east by the Crescent Sea, sometimes known as the Searing Sea. On its land borders there is Vitrolia to the West, Khul's Ravage to the south, Capilaria to the East and Aridian and Golvaria to the north.[1][3b]


Age of Myth

The plateau was once ruled by the Agloraxi Empire - a hugely powerful mageocracy that had vast machine warriors and weapons capable of burning entire continents.[2]

Age of Chaos

Wanting to avoid a wasteful tribal war, the Flamescar sends their champions to fight in the Red Feast. This event results in a invasion of Daemons in the Great Parch.[3a]

As Daemons of Khorne invade the Great Parch, the tribes of Flamescar and other regions are forced to battle them. Many of these tribes turn to worship of the red gods to survive the slaughter or sate their savage lusts.[3a]

A huge portion of the Flamescar Plateau is conquered by Korghos Khul and his Goretide, so much that his empire spans between the Vostargi Mont and the Vitriolus Reach.[3a]

The Bonesplitterz of Klarikkaz Earthscar fight a guerrilla war against the daemons coming from the Clavis Eye. They are slowly driven back to the depths of their canyon, while their prophets pray to Mork for a way out.[3a]


Flamescar Plateau map 01.jpeg

A list of known locations in the Flamescar Plateau are:

  • Black Iron Peninsula[1]
  • Bloodshot Plain[3b]
  • Caverns of Fulminax: The elemental Fulminax was bound here and used to power the superweapons of the Agloraxi Empire. [2]
  • Coast of Ill Omen[1]
  • Infinity Gears: Ancient even when the Agloraxi Empire was rising, they were used by the Arch-Domina of that empire to control the Eternia Realmway and to fire the Eyes of Primatiron.[2]
  • Klarikkaz's Earthscar: A canyon whose depths are inhabited by Bonesplitterz tribes. During the Age of Chaos these tribe fought an unsuccessful war against the Daemons coming from the Clavis Eye.[3b][3a]
  • Lake of Shackled Spirits[1]
  • Lifesprings[1]
  • Magebane Dungeons[1]
  • The Prismatikon: A weapon created by the Agloraxi Empire.[3b]
    • Eyes of the Prismatikos: Vast lenses that the Agloraxi could use to burn entire continents.[2]
  • Parching Waste[1]
  • Plains of Blood[1]
  • Razorfang Sprawl[1]
  • Riven Depths[1]
  • Sacred Lake: Bordering the Plateau with Vitrolia.[3b]
  • Scoured Forest[1]
  • Slaughterfields[1]
  • Sorrowpeaks[1]
  • Sporehollows[1]
  • Tears of Fate[1]
  • The Chains[1]
  • Titanworks: Here the gigantic automata of the Agloraxi Empire were created, the only things known to be able to survive the Caverns of Fulminax.[2]
  • Valley of Fallen Gods[1]
  • Vitriolic Swamps[1]
  • Wyrdflame Crests[1]
  • Cruel Spread[3a]

Off its coast there is the following isles:


Sigmarite Settlements


  • There are many nomadic tribes and roving kingdoms that call the Flamescar Plateau their home and many try to carry on the traditions of the peoples of Aridian and Capilaria. But few survived the devastating destruction of those regions by Chaos, so their were few people to pass on the lore of those lands and much of their history and traditions are lost.[5a]
  • The Goretide and Ashen Horde lay claim to vast swathes of the Plateau.[6a]