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Grey Seers are powerful masters of dark sorcery and members of the Skaven Masterclan. [4d]

There are few of them compared to other Skaven, less in total than many minor clans. [4d]


Able to unleash a powerful arsenal of profane magic, ripping open the very land to devastate enemies with poison fumes or swarms of vermin. They can conjure tempests and firestorms and quickly cross the battlefield with great 'skitterleaps' but can also go to war on top of devastating Screaming Bells. [4d]


The Grey Seers vie with the Great Clans for seats on the Council of Thirteen. [4a] However they portray themselves to the other skaven as no more powerful than any of the other Lords of Decay, merely enacting the will of the Council. [4d]

As the prophets of the unified Horned Rat deity, they seek to enact his will whatever the cost (to other skaven) and often operate behind the scenes only venturing forth with at least a large bodyguard of albino Stormvermin. [4d]


Age of Myth

Along with the ancestors of the first Great Clans, the Grey Seers are released into the Mortal Realms by the Great Horned Rat. [4b]

Age of Sigmar




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