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Helspoint is a rime-frozen city in the Realm of Shyish.[1][2a]


Age of Chaos

Necromantic energies washed over the cities of Helspoint and Morrsend, and the lands between them, during Nagash's return at the end of the Age of Chaos. During this time people bore witness to their own torn flesh reknitting itself, destroyed monuments rising back up, and dissipated spirits returning in full.[1]

Age of Sigmar

During the reign of King Keldrek, the city of Helspoint suffers five attacks from undead forces in as many nights. After the fifth attack Keldrek rides out of the city to parley with Draeburn, an old enemy from his regimental days, who he believes is behind the attacks. During their quarreling Draeburn's master arrives, the skeletal Lord of the Black Manor. Once an agreement is reached, Keldrek returns to the city with a golden chain mail glove on his hand.[2a]

For ten days the undead attacks cease, even as Keldrek's behavior becomes ever more erratic, with even his wife noting he never removes the gloves. On the tenth days the city is overrun by the undead. Twenty days after that an army of undead pours out of the city, led by a Knight of Shrouds wearing a golden chainmail glove.[2a]


Helspoint is a city ruled over by an entity known as the Dark Lord of Despair.[3a]


The skeletal citizens of Hespont are incredibly ancient, dating back to the Age of Myth.[3a]